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This topic is to help players to use the /bind command and other commands in general

The most usefull commands to bind are:

  • /sell (type /bind key sell) for exemple /bind p sell;

  • /sur (type /bind key sur) for exemple /bind j sur (this command helps you when you are going to be arrested, you get less jail time);

The most usefull commands to bind are:

  • /offerbribe (type /bind key offerbribe) for exemple /bind n offerbribe;

General binds:
The most usefull binds to use are:

  • /checklws (type /bind key checklws) for exemple /bind n checklws (this makes possible to check if there is any LWS able for you to host na event);

  • /lock (type /bind key lock), for exemple /bind l lock (makes easier to (un)lock your car;

  • /engine (type /bind key engine), for exemple /bind . engine (makes easier to turn off and on your vehicle engine)


  • /cc (type /bind key chatbox cc), for exemple /bind 1 chatbox cc (makes easier to speak with your gang);

  • /party (type /bind key chatbox party) , for exemple /bind p chatbox party (makes easier to speak with people in your party)

How to bind phrases?
in LocalChat:

  • /bind key LocalChat phrase, for exemple /bind z LocalChat Arms Assassins
    alt text
    To add colors on your phrase use rgb codes (check rgb codes here: https://www.rapidtables.com/web/color/RGB_Color.html)

  • /bind key LocalChat #rgbcode phrase, for exemple /bind o LocalChat #99004d ( ) ARMS ASSASSINS ( )
    alt text

Usefull commands for new players (no need to bind)

  • /createparty (lets you create a party so you can talk with your friends only)

  • /inviteplayer nick (in order to invite someone to your party)

  • /reconnect (helps you reconnecting to the servers without having to go to mta's main menu, use this when you are lagging or you have network trouble)

  • /ask (you can make a question to an admin using this command, use it when you have any doubt about the server)

  • /event (will open a table with all events that LWS or G6 are organizing)

  • /gang (if you join a gang, you can use this command to check your gang information like logs, motd, members, etc.)

  • /group (if you join a group, you can use this command to check your group information like members, vehicles, etc.)

  • /ad (will open a text box for you to use if you need to advirtise something like selling properties or cars)

  • /report (this command is used to report rulebreakers, make sure to take a Screenshot with F12 and then use that to report the other player)

  • /stats (this command is used for checking your stats like arrests, kills, etc. After using this command you will have press F8 to open the console)

  • /war (if you are member of a gang and your gang is going to turf wars, you will have to type this command in order to help you gang winning zones and to see which turf zones belongs to who on the map)

  • /re (you can use this as a fast way to answer to someone that pmed you)

These are some commands and binds that can be used to help with your gameplay on SAES. If I missed any command or bind that you think it's usefull, leave a reply so I can edit the post.

I hope this helps those who have troubles with this type of commands!


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