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Hello everybody!

Today I decided to suggest something very simple and very useful which is adding a voice warning ( Alarm ) when opening prison gates ( cells )

Positive of the suggestion :

  • Making AFK criminals that inside the cells know that there's JB going on

  • Making Cops know that the criminal has just opened the cells when they hear the alarm

  • Making the gameplay more reality

  • Alarm voice make the fight more enthusiastic

Negative of the suggestion :

  • Nothing except the annoying voice?

quick update : make the sound of the alarm stop when the cells room close

alt text

@Blu is a discount turkish

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You know how often that door is opening during a jb or just randomly in a day. There's already a warning on top bar also, not gonna be a buzzkill but ill probaby just have to keep saes volume low if this happens

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Here are a few sound effects that suit the prison jail break scenario:


I can edit the sound effect myself and remove the annoying watermark sound.







I can also edit this one so we can have the unwatermarked parts.

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@bazuka36 said in ALARM IN JAIL!!:

@Groove said in ALARM IN JAIL!!:

If this happens, pls give people a way to mute it

If it gets added it will be classified as a MTA sound as it is added by a client.

So you can mute it by settings sound mta sound

This also means muting everything else including admin radios, bank robbery noise etc which isn't what I want to do. I can surely put it to max after a JB, but a command is actually more useful than having to adjust your MTA volume 5 times during the gameplay

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