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[Tip]How to report Gangs / Squads to managers


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Well, many players wants to report a gang/squad to G/S/C Managers but they don't know how, I was like that too but I learned now and I'm going to explain how.
If you want to report a gang/squad you have to pm one of G/S/C Managers on discord / forum / server and you can know who are the managers by going to SAES discord and checking who have G/S/C Manager role then you pm him and tell him which Gang/Squad you want to report and why, the reasons will be about
1-Being inactive for a long time
2-Being adminjailed many times
And many other reasons you decide why do you want to report that Gang/Squad and ofc you should have a proof if you want to be answered on your report.
This is how you report any Gang or Squad to G/S/C Managers I hope I helped you. Have a nice day

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