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Group Activity Update July


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We would like to start with thanking the groups who filled out and sent us their activity from the month of May.
Please continue this behavior of a monthly update to us as it really shows how active your group is and
why it still deserves to continue to progress.

Sadly not every group has done this yet. Those groups include:

  • @San-Andreas-Interceptors

  • @ZIP-Planning-and-Construction

  • @Cunning-Stunts

  • @San-Andreas-Fire-Department

  • @Cuban-Cars

  • @SAPA

As for now any request made by these groups are on hold until they can provide an activity update before the end of this month.
Next to that we will be looking in the coming months to align rewards with activity for all groups involved (Bases, spawns, vehicles, jobs, etc.).

Any feedback regarding this topic or in general is greatly appreciated!

-- GM Team

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