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The amazing game of Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League!


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Hello Community, today is the day that Liverpool won the UEFA Champions League Final against Tottenham Hotspur, i would like to hear your thinkings about the game, what could be better, and why Tottenham should win in the UEFA Champions League..

My thinkings of the game: Tottenham had a really bad first-half, which could be improved, i heard from others that Lucas Moura should started in the first-eleven, do you guys agree!?
Tottenham finally started playing in the second-half, had some good runs & chances to score... but then the young Belgian star Divock Origi increased the lead... I must admit, i really liked the game of Liverpool, but i really hoped that Ajax would be in the final against Liverpool...

Congratulations Liverpool!

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this championship had far better & more exciting games, more worthy to be the final

but overall i can't complain. i only wanted my camel Mo to score & win which happened, vitaly's gf was an extra, so not a bad day

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