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Jim's LWS Events


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^[Welcome to Jim's Lightning World Sport Events, I'll post all my events and activities here!]

^[Total events: 94]

^[Money spended: 135,500,000]

^[ ]

^[ My event format]

^[Event Number:]

^[Type of Event:]






^[Type of my events:]


Car Show

Custom vehicles car show

News van Fallout

Elegy Race

All vs All boxing

The purge ~[New!]~(red)

NRG fallout


Pyramid climb race

Destruction Derby

Knock me from my NRG

Simon says

Parkour (Hunters at the end) ~[New!]~(red)

Kart race

LMS with Sniper

LMS with Uzi

LMS with M4/CS

RC baron LMS

Knock off race

Team Deathmatch

BMX parkour

Faggio Race

Cheetah race with obstacles

King of the tower

Last Man Standing

Mower fallout

NRG race with flat tires ~[New!]~(red, red)

1 vs 1 air boxing


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