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Riley's Application

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~[Section A: Information:]~(lime)

Nickname: Riley

Account name: rendor123

Age: 18

Primary Language: Hungarian

Current S/G/C and rank: FOX Operations X - Agent

Other RP groups you're in:

  • Desert Eagles

  • Homeland Security

  • Cuban Cars

  • San Andreas Police Academy

  • San Andreas Fire Department

  • SAPD ProCops

Describe SAM in your own words: (Not less than 30 words) San Andreas Medics is the collection of the medics with a greater knowledge when it comes to roleplaying and taking care of the patient. They are working to add some RP standards to the medical services around SA, and not just to patrol around and heal players like an average player would do spawned as Paramedic.

Why was SAM founded? The SAM was founded to give a platform for those players who are willing to lift the medical RP to a higher level. They expect to get members who got the knowledge for this kind of job. Also, as I mentioned at the previous question they add some kind of medical Roleplay to the server.

What is the SAM motto? " Always there when you need us the most "

Who founded SAM? The founder of the SAM is Dr. Joe Valachi

~[Section B: Theory:]~(lime)

1 - A major earthquake has occurred in metropolitan Los Santos and there are many casualties. You're based in Blueberry and must respond to a barrage of emergency distress calls as a result of the earthquake. Describe your method of response to this situation and be sure to include how you would interact with your fellow medics and which equipment & vehicles you would use.

Answer: Blueberry is a small town in Red County, which can be mentioned as the part of the Los Santos territory too. As the town is near to Los Santos, using an Ambulance wouldn't take too much time to respond but in this case we don't know how clean are the roads in order to use the ground traffic. Using a Maverick would be a better choice since it's even faster to respond and also we could approach the patients who are in a higher building. In this case, the average medical bag would be in use at every Paramedic.
Our first responding place would be the Downtown where usually people live in flats or work at tall company buildings. However, the Los Santos emergency services would be expectable to be present there too, so we would ask for a place where should we go. Since we only came here to help out the local Emergency services, they could tell us where is the help mostly needed.

2- Multiple officers have been shot while responding to an armed bank robbery. You have been called to assist in the rescue operation. Describe how you would respond.

Answer: I would grab my Ambulance from the Hospital's garage and then with Code 3, I'd respond. When being on the scene, my first objective would be to get the officers out from the bank as soon as possible. For this action, the stretcher is great to use. From the Captain I'd ask for the amount of officers got injured and for the amount of officers who got stuck in the bank between the crossfire. Then I would start planning, how to get those officers out. Possibly, I'd ask a couple officers to open fire and cover me while I pull out the injured collegues of them. Since as the only medic there, I wouldn't be able to deal with every wound so on the radio I'd ask for assistance. So there with other paramedics present we would clean the wounds, and stop the bleeding on scene but the operation of the bullets from the body should happen at a Hospital.. so as soon as possible we would transport them to the closest one.

3- Multiple people have been stabbed and burned by several terrorists at a train station and you 're the first medic to arrive on scene. The wounds are of varying severity. What would you do? I.e. How would you treat the wounds?

Answer: The first thing would be to ask for assistance since alone I can't handle every patient's wounds. If the police forces are already on scene, then I'd ask one to secure the place again and to stay next to me if I would need some help. I'd try to make a line in my had whose injury is the most dangerous and whose can be treated a bit later.
Definately I'd start with the 2nd or 3rd degree burn injury's. The 2nd degree burning could be solved with compress, but the 3rd degree shall be treated as soon as possible. By cooling down the injury, and after using a special creme for burned injuries, a gauze would be placed on it, and I'd wring around the bandage.
As the 2nd start, the stabbed and cut injuries would be treated. Based on the size of the injury and the place of it, the wound shall be cleaned and after covered with gauze and wrapped around with bandage. But if it's a deeper wound than it should be, then the last choice is to be sewed. With a special needle we pull the 2 piece of the skin closer to each other, with this helping the wound to agglutinate faster.

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@Riley said in Riley's Application:

~[Section A: Information:]~(lime)

Nickname: Riley

Account name: rendor123

Age: 18

Greetings, Doctor Riley.
I would like to let you know that you have ~[passed]~(lime,lime,lime) the application stage. Kindly meet a SAM HQ in-game to receive your qualification test. We wish you the best of luck.

Johnny English
Head of Air Division, San Andreas Medics

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