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Comando Da Capital

X PaTroN X

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Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..):
Ingame nick: PaTroN
Age: 15
my name Imed im from tunisia i love MTA/SAES
Strenghts: I can drive cars, ride helicopters well, I can use guns properly too. I'm loyal and dignified person, I can appease myself easily in bad situations. Also I don't like arguing so much, therefore I think I will have good relationships with my gangmates.
Weaknesses: Sometimes I can get angry when I'm in a bad mood.
Tell us about your SAES Career: I'd rather to tell that to HQ's in game.
Why OverdoseCrime?: Because I see potential in this gang. Roleplay is good and members are loyal. Also this place where I belong to, started from the bottom, now I'm here to be in here.
Define OverdoseCrime: OverdoseCrime is a gang which is selling every type of narcotics, illegal GYM supplies, Training for fighting in legal and they have jailbreak services. They are controlling drug trafficking all around the SA.
Create a story related to our role: One day, I woke up in my trailer. Someone was knocking the door so hard. When I look out the window, I saw that there were more than 10 cops. I was selling drugs so, I broke the window of the trailer and started to run like horse. When I was running, I saw a friend of mine. He was Mrwan. He picked me up with his car and saved me from that place. We were so tired, we started to laugh each other. Because we were seperated from each other for a long time. We went to bar to celebrate this moment, and we promised that we won't leave each other 'till we die.
Why should we accept you?: As I mentioned above, I can appease myself easily in bad situations, I can use guns properly and I'm a friendly person. I think I will have good relationships with my gangmates.

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