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NCI - National Crime Investigation

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^[National Crime Investigation is the federal law enforcement agency uniquely responsible for investigating felony crime, preventing terrorism and protecting secrets for the Navy and Marine Corp.]

^[NCI will defeat threats from across the foreign intelligence, terrorist and criminal spectrum by conducting operations and investigations ashore, afloat, and in cyberspace, in order to protect and preserve the superiority of San Andreas citizens.]

^[Our role is to remain consistent: prevent terrorism, protect secrets and reduce crime.]

^[Squad Details]

^[Squad Level : 0]

^[Founders : @Kilios]

^[Founding Date : 24th of March, 2019]

^[Color Code : N/A]

^[Total Members : 2]

^[Rules and Regulations]

^[1. Make sure to follow all SAES and NCI rules. (SAES Rules is listed at F1 and NCI rules are written here.)]

^[2. Always act your role once you're spawned, since you shall wear your tags and represent the tags.]
^[3. Never say any privately information to any player, that isnt a member of NCI, if you do so you will be warned or blacklisted and kicked.]
^[4. Respect your fellow mates and the general server population.]

^[5. When spawned as NCI you are recommended to use your RP binds, when on a patrol.]

^[6. Minimum wanted level to be arrested is 15.]


^[Alliances and Contracts:]

^[National Crime Investigation's main role is to take care of all criminal activities around San Andreas. Give assistance to all officers when required and protecting Jail, Store robbery's and banks for any criminal activity.]



^[Assistant Director]


^[Supervisory Special Agent - Our HQ's]


^[Officer to Military Support]


^[Special agent]



^[Junior Field Agent - Our Cadets]

^[National Crime Investigation is a SQUAD and not a GROUP. If you wish to join, please fill the application format down below.]

^[Our discord Server: Click here to join our Discord!]


In-Game Name:
Total Server Playtime:
Previous Gangs/Squads/Companies:
Current/Previous Groups:
Have you ever been banned, if yes, why:


For you, what is NCI?:
What role would you like to join in the future, and why:
What is our main role:
What can you bring to the squad:
Describe a short situation with a OMS Officer:


Any other information you wish to specify:
Did anyone recommend you to apply, if yes, who:
Why did you choose NCI, and why should we choose you?:

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