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Firstly Security!
San Andreas Regional Security is a veteran police group the main roll is protecting the Citizen on the Highways and Roads of San Andreas.
We are first to respond in Highway accidents and problems that will cause more problems for the drivers.

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1-Read server rules
2-There is no Death Matching
3-Only arrest if you or a fellow team mate is being attacked.
4-Follow the command.
5-Do not.RoadBlock without Chief.
6-Do not bribe people unless they are willing to Role Play with you
7-You may get the stolen goods if its on the way to your destination.
8-Try using everything at Role Play for more fun.

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Group Tag: Deputa.Name or *Deputa.Name
Group Cash : 10.000.000 $
Group Base : Soon
Total members in the group : 2
Banned Members : 0
Inactive Members: 0
Color Code: #1B1F34
RGB color Code: R:27 G:31 B:52
Discord link: https://discord.gg/ECfG7J

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Chief Class(HQ-Staff):

Chief - (Commissioner of San Andreas Regional Security.)
Vice-Chief - (Must Follow Orders from the Chief!)

Commander Class(HQ-Staff):

Head Commander - (Head of commanders & Assistant of Vice-Chief)
Commander - (Head of division&staff / Must follow orders from the Head Commander)

Captain Class:
Captain Class- (This Class can make RoadBlock.)

Inspector Class:
Captains in this Class Lead Them Teams of SARS.

*Deputy Class:
Deputa - (must follow orders from the highest rank.)
*Deputa - First class. (must follow rules of staff)

~[Class Rank's and Member List's]~

Chief - Diesel
Vice-Chief - Lance


Head Commander - Kim
Commander - N/A


Head of Inspectors - N/A
Inspector --/-


Deputy- N/A
*Deputy- -/-

Application Form!:
Recruitment : ~[OPEN!]~(lime)
Personal Information
Ingame name:
Real Name:
Where are you from?:
What languages do you speak?:

InGame Information:

How active are you on the forums:
Previously gangs/squads/company's:
English skills (1-10)
RP skills (1-10)
Why do you want to join S.A.R.S.?:

~[Accepted]~(lime) This means that you have passed the first part of the test, but it does not yet mean we are going to accept you straight away. First you have to contact a HQ + Ingame for your actual test.

~[Pending]~(orange) This means we are not sure about you, hang with our family members, join in on events/bankrobs/storerobs or any other activities we do. And we are going to think wether you are accepted, or denied.

~[Denied]~(red) This means your application was not good enough, either you have been blacklisted, or you have been denied before, or it just wasn't good enough. You can re-apply for the ViceLords after 2 weeks only. Otherwise you will be blacklisted again

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