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Wild Angels - Level 5 Application


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~[NOTE:]~(red) DO NOT POST ANYTHING HERE, Only Gang managers,SAES Members and Wild Angels Leaders could post here.

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Back in the days and exactly at 1970's, 'Paulo' was one of the most wanted and dangerous criminals around San Andreas, The police department and Secret Services of the government tried so hard to arrest him but no way, he was ready for any suspicious attack from police squads. The true story started when 'Roberto', the son of 'Paulo' was born on September 25, 1980's in a rural area of Bone country, Living without education, indecent knowledge or any Ingredients of a great boy, So he started taking the way of his father, doing such illegal businesses, Drug dealing, Ambush operations and robberies, After growing up and reaching the age of twenty-three, his father died in a hard car accident when he was running out of cops trying to survive from the exucution since his crimes can end him up the gallows, 'Roberto' was pretty shocked and he starts the revenge against the police, That time ''~Wild Angels~'' were founded by him, So many Immigrants from Flint Country and Los Santos joined the gang trying to stick together versus the San Andreas Police Department and the Govrnement, Day after day... four years passed and the gang growing up, getting bigger and stronger than it was before, 'Roberto' was really excited because finally, he created the huge gang and reached his goal to defeat and hunt the cops, he had the ability to revenge for his dead father, and till now, They hunt! ~Wild Angels.
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~Wild Angels~ Based Role:
Our main role is Hunting and killing suspicious enemies and targets to reach our goals and to make sure everything goes well for our side, any mistake from our side could make a big defeat, so everything should be well going and calculated. We also do contact killing, which means if someone gives us money to kill someone, The amount of money depends on the targeted person i.e how many security he has or his importance, We kill all classes peoples i.e Cops, Civilians, and Criminals too, But we kill a lot of Cops who mess with us and same goes to Criminals. All of Wild Angles members are professionally trained to kill anyone.
Secondary Roles:

Ambush Operations: Hunting or kidnapping an exact target to get a ransom or just trying to know some secrets and pieces of information about his Organization/Company, We force the target to say everything by torturing him. We do these Ambush Operations for other by exchange of money. If anyone doesn't give us money after getting the secret things we kill that guy and take all his money. At start couple of peoples so that we and all of them ended with their deaths. After we killed them, nobody tries to scam us because they were so scared.

Robbing & Stealing: We had the ability to rob everything, Stores, Banks, anything can make an advantage to us, somehow we can control hard situations and keep it well going, When we run out of money and we need a good amount of money then we rob banks. First, we get known everything about the bank that how many security members they have, cameras and where is the locker room so we don't face failure. We settle everything up. We also take the bank worker as the hostage so no one tries to interfere with us.

Arms and Drug dealing: We had great experience producing such stuff, Especially drugs, we are specialists in trading weapons with good qualities and low prices. We have imported guns in whole San Andreas, We bought blueprints from different countries so we can make better and strong weapons than other. We make pure drugs from scrabs and other stuff. According to a research, the Drugs addiction rate before us was 36.5% people in whole SA. and after we come it has been reached 68%, Another research from San Andreas Military prooved that Wild Angles has addicted 60% peoples out of 100%.

Carjacking: We are professionals in stealing cars without leaving any suspicious stuff/hint, It's the next generation of carjacking, We are very good in the carjacking. After stealing a car we have a garage where we store all the stolen car and put them for sale. We sell those cars for the normal price. We also sell these cars to Automobiles dealers but they even don't know that those cars are stolen. We sent different peoples to automobiles dealers so they don't find anything suspicious.

Hostage Providing: Sometime hostages are required for criminals to escape easily. Wild Angles kidnap peoples and sometimes use them as hostages at their criminal's activities, such as Bank robberies, casino robberies etc. Actually, Sometimes Wild Angles sell hostages to other organization for their criminal's activities for the decent amount of money. Hostage makes the escape easy due to cops are scared that they kill wrongly the hostage, so cops don't interfere with the activity, Hence there are massive amount f hostage demands.
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Gang Leader: Expert

Gang ViceLeader: Strong

Gang Alliance: The Company

Gang tags: [WA] & [WA-H] for Supporters

Gang Motto: ~[ We Hunt before we end your life ~Wild Angels.]~(blueviolet)

Date of Creation: 02/26/2018

Gang Balance: $300.000.000

Color Code: ~[#800080]~(blueviolet)

Gang media archive: The old media archive > click here
The current one > click here
Gang Activities:

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alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

Wild Angels base:


alt text

Wild Angels Warehouse:


Wild Angels Factory:


Wild Angels Gym:



alt text
Read and follow all the server rules (F1).

Always obey the admins of the server.

Respect and listen to the High ranked members Any fail following the orders may cause a warn or a kick.

If Leader or VL is not online, your HQ is your leader.

Stick speaking English on main chat/cc.

Don't never DM or revenge someone, Simply "ScreenShot" that and report.

You need to know every rule about Store robs, Bank robs and Turfing...

Every rulebreaking inside gang must be reported to HeadQuarter.

Don't ask for the promotion.

Watch your words, Our reputation is in your hands, so be cool.

Be mature, act mature, and behave nicely with the community players and even during roleplays.

lack of understanding any rule is not an excuse to break it, contact an HQ to get answers to whichever inquiries you've.

alt text

Total members: 33

Inactive members: 2

~Leader/Founder~ (LVL5)
(The Founder and Leader, he had the ability to take any further decisions at the gang)


~ViceLeader~ (LVL4)
(The right hand of the Leader)


~HeadQuarter~ (LVL4)
(Replaces the Leader and Vice Leader when they are offline, also he had abilities to take shared decisions with other heads)

~Capo~ (LVL3)
(This rank will be given to the members who show all their efforts to help the gang and should be trusted and loyal)

~Professional Hunter~ (LVL2)
(The second rank within the gang after the Newbie who needs to obey HeadQuarters orders)

~Member~ (LVL1)
(A Regular Member within the gang, deserved to be a full member)


~Newbie~ (LVL0)
(the First rank beginning in the gang, He needs to obey High ranked members order)

alt text

Make sure you read all the requirements before you apply for our gang

High Level of maturity and kindness, doesn't matter how old are you.

No rulebreakers allowed around here.

You need to have at least decent English skills.

Don't copy your application from another applicant, be unique.

Application Format:

  • 1 Personal information


Ingame Username:


English proficiency:


Spoken Languages:

Roleplay skills:

Previous Organizations you joined and the reason why you left/kicked :

  • 2 Questionnaire

Write a paragraph explaining our Role:

Previous punishments/bans and reason:

Why you want to join Wild Angels?:

What makes you special over the others and why should we accept you? :

What does DeathMatch means:

If someone randomly DMed you, what will you do?:

So you were going for a JB then you find a cop (AFK or not chasing you), what will you do?:

What does avoid arrest means:

State 3 turf rules:

State 3 BR rules:

State 3 GR rules:

  • 3 Additional Information

Do you know any WA Member, and did anyone recommend you to apply for us? :

What are your strengths:

What are your weaknesses:

Something else to add?:
alt text
Currently OPEN

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