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Odakab's Application

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  • Section A: Information:

Nickname: Odakab

Account name: odakab

Age: 18

Primary Language: Turkish

Current S/G/C and rank: The Outfit - Level 3

Other RP groups you're in: Cluckin' Bell

Describe SAM in your own words: (Not less than 30 words)
San Andreas Medics are saving lifes of both criminals and cops. Their main moral and goal is banish death from San Andreas.
Why was SAM founded?
Because, Dr. Valachi wanted to turn around San Andreas' cursed fate. Medical Units were being managed so badly.
What is the SAM motto?
Always there when you need us most.
Who founded SAM?
Joe Valachi

  • Section B: Theory:

1 - A major earthquake has occurred in metropolitan Los Santos and there are many casualties. You're based in Blueberry and must respond to a barrage of emergency distress calls as a result of the earthquake. Describe your method of response to this situation and be sure to include how you would interact with your fellow medics and which equipment & vehicles you would use.

Answer: I would contact with Firefighters first, we can't save people under wreck without their help. I would stock gauzes, antiseptic solution and bandages to be able stop victims' bleeding, clean their wounds put bandage around their wounds to keep them sterile. Broken bone and head injury cases must be handled carefully, victim should be taken to hospital quickly after first aid process. I would report their names to our headquarters so we can track which people are found and how many lost people remaining to be saved.

2- Multiple officers have been shot while responding to an armed bank robbery. You have been called to assist in the rescue operation. Describe how you would respond.

Answer: This is a risky situation, armed criminals still could be there. I would move to the scene with police, together.

3- Multiple people have been stabbed and burned by several terrorists at a train station and you 're the first medic to arrive on scene. The wounds are of varying severity. What would you do? I.e. How would you treat the wounds?

Answer: First of all, I would treat victims with worse injuries first. I would press with gauze to stop bleeding, clean the wound with antiseptic solution and cover the wound with bandage to prevent further infection. I would take victims to hospital if their wounds need sewing. Victims with light wounds can be sent home for house nursing.
Best first aid can be done for burns on the scene is:
Removing all clothing and using a scissor if necessary then washing with slow draining water at room temperature. Sprays specialized for treating burns can be used if available.

  • Section C : Aptitudes:

1.How would you respond to criticism by a superior?
Nobody is perfect, there are always room for improvement. I would think over it and try to fix the issue.

2.Why exactly are you applying today?
Honestly, The fact of lack of spawnpoints for medics except LS and SF was my motivation.

3.What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Strengths: I like roleplaying. I always put my effort in groups i join, to improve them.
Weaknesses: I'm unfamiliar with some terms, had to use translate for these words -> entrepreneur philanthropist engulfed vowed gauze

4.Why should we accept you to our team?
I can't know what are your expectations, this must be filled by SAM HQ with given info in this application.

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