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ANARCHY's SAM Application


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^[alt text]

Section A: Information

Nickname: ANARCHY

Account name: sadi31

Age: 22

Primary Language: Turkish

Current Squad/Gang/Company and rank: Arms Assassins

Other RP groups you're in: raceTECH,OutBreak

Describe SAM in your own words: (Not less than 30 words): San Andreas Medics is our savers. They have proffesional doctors and paramedics. If they were not here that was really bad for us. Because there are a lot of bad doctor and they are not good at this job.

Why was SAM founded? : San Andreas Medics founded because of San Andreas needs more help about Healty and Hospitals.

What is the SAM motto? ": Always there when you need us most "

Who founded SAM?: Joe Valachi.

Section B: Theory

A major earthquake has occurred in metropolitan Los Santos and there are many casualties. You're based in Blueberry and must respond to a barrage of emergency distress calls as a result of the earthquake. Describe your method of response to this situation and be sure to include how you would interact with your fellow medics and which equipment & vehicles you would use.

Reveal hidden contents : In a earthquake scenerio, There would be ruined buildings and people might be stuck in debris. To save stucked people i would call fire department and disaster control center.When people get saved by other units, I would do first aid there on foot or on stretcher after the first aid i would redirect them to nearby hospital with ambulan to get appropriate treatment.

Multiple officers have been shot while responding to an armed bank robbery. You have been called to assist in the rescue operation. Describe how you would respond.

Reveal hidden contents :First i'll inform the situation to all on duty ambulances and hospitals. After inform the situation i would reach the crash zone. First there i'll focus on the injured officers. I'll try to help them on foot than redirect them to nearby hospitals with ambulance.

Multiple people have been stabbed and burned by several terrorists at a train station and you 're the first medic to arrive on scene. The wounds are of varying severity. What would you do? I.e. How would you treat the wounds?

Reveal hidden contents :First i'll announce the situation to all emergency services and after that i'l reach the area with my crew.When i reach the area first i would take of the injured people's clothes and would try to clean their injures.After the first scan i would redirect them to nearby hospital and start the able treatment

Section C : Aptitudes

How would you respond to criticism by a superior?: I would like to use a kind language.

Why exactly are you applying today? : I kicked from SAM cuz of my inactivity but I've been back a long time and i missed my old group. (There is no reason why it is today :) )

What are your strengths and weaknesses?: I have too many strengths for i am playing the game for so long.Every person has weaknesses but i don't remember right now.May be flying skills.

Why should we accept you to our team?: Because of I have cold blood and I can aid victim quickly without no panic.

Best Regards


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