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OverdoseCrime - Level 4 Application


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Years ago, three dudes lived in the sub-urbs of LS. They had no future ahead of them and lived out of basic jobs. In their free time though they found interest in the life of crime, and that interest was extensive. Often they found themselves discussing about the techniques criminals use when shooting, how drugs could be most easily traded, how cops could be most cleverly avoided and how awesome it would be to champion the local street-fighting joints. When not doing odd jobs, they constantly worked out and built their muscles to one day own all of those things that they dreamt of to be professional criminal bad-asses, who knew what they were doing, unlike those clumsy hoodlums who they had witnessed on the street. A creation of a gang could have been a perfect solution for this, if it werent for the financial shortage they had to struggle with. One day however when training in the basketball court in da hood, the three dudes were approached by local latino east-side gangsters, who were planning a bank robbery in a co-operation with couple of other more major gangs. They were a few men short, who could guard them while hacking one of the computers inside. The gangsters were familiar with the three dudes, who were known for their knowledge in muscle-building and small robberies they had caused in the nearby neighbourhoods. For the body-guard job they offered 20% of the profit. The dudes accepted the offer. The local boys gave them shotguns and places in the back of the van to be used.

The job went well at first.. until one greater biker gang however took more cash than promised, leaving the east-side mob merely 200 000, while the bikers caught millions. After quitting the building, the hirers of the dudes planned to object this when meeting up with the other gangs in Whetstone. One of the dudes knew it wasnt going to end well the greater gang looked too arrogant and aggressive to let some smaller gang dictate the terms, even if they had the right -, so that when the 5 local boys left the van they came with, he proposed to the gang-leader to let his two buddies guard the van to protect the stash. The gang-leader was too hot-headed about the greater gang to think about leaving two foreign guys with the gangs money and agreed. 5 guys and the dude went into the bikers circle each gang that took part of the robbery had their own area and demanded back the promised sum of a million. The dude stayed behind the five other, while the local gang-leader made a shout-out to the biker leader who caressed his baseball bat. The bikers were dominant in numbers and started already to slowly surround them and well enough the biker leader told that he doesnt give a shit. The east-side boss snapped and sent back the word cunt. The biker took his bat and swinged. The dude was ready for this and while the four local boys were just reaching for their handguns, he had already shot one of the bikers to the head before being halfway behind one of the vans to take cover. The bikers were ready themselves and by the time the dude reached the cover, he already had taken a bullet to the knee and the two other local boys had bit the dust. One latino flew himself into the biker leader to maul him, but had hit one of his assailants instead before catching a rain of bullets. A second one caught the same fate he managed to get only one shot from his gun before receiving several back. Shit was serious bro it was all bullets everywhere. The dude knew better than to fight against twenty bikers alone or nearly alone at least and made a run for it. Luckily the bikers who at first started to follow the dude were busy with the two remaining local boys who took a shot to them. He reached the van and told the driver that shit hit the fan. The driver went to assist his buddies, while the wounded dude told the other ones to flee with the van. The other two thought as well that it was a lost cause and it was better to use the opportunity that was given to them. The escape was successful and now they had 200 000 dollars to start their gang.

Over the years they had worked themselves up. To gain an edge before the other gangs, they investigated the area that so far had only been done sloppily and took it to another level body enhancing drug business and criminal counseling. Now they are the highest experts of their field, top supplement traders, phenomenal body-builders (building muscles any time any place) and aces in noticing the tiniest of details in criminal related business, which like the bank robbery story showed can make the greatest of differences. The dudes prefer to leave their real names anonymous, but in the crime world they are known as Mrwan, Lorenzo and Loay, and they are the ones who created The "Overdose Crime" family.
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OverdoseCrime is a criminal organization that focuses on selling every type of arms Illegal gym supplements, Transporting goods for other organisations.

  • Protein and Supplements: This has been one of our most unique roles from day one. Here at OverdoseCrime we specialize in manufacturing and supplying supplements to the people of San Andreas. Our factory has two parts the supplement side and our arms side, our supplements are the best in the region. Were also constantly researching new supplements to improve your work and to attempt the impossible. Our quality can't be copied and our gang was built on our excellent reputation for supplying and manufacturing supplements. - (Unique Role) -

  • Drugs Manufacturing and Supplying: Looking for something to take the edge off? Need something to help you preform better? Or maybe need to just relax? No matter your drug needs, Overdose Crime has got you covered! You name the drug you need, and we can get it for you without a fuss. We have a solid reputation of providing some of the best drugs in the San Andreas region and beyond, this reputation was built with many great customers coming from all over the world to purchase our drugs. All our drugs are made in our factories located all over the region, we could tell you where they are but why would we do that! When you buy drugs from Overdose Crime, you can expect unbeatable customer service and quality! Drugs from OverdoseCrime to improve your work.

  • Transporting: This role is mostly for the good drivers of the organisation. The Transporter transports our narcotics & protein city wide & across countries, his job to get the shipment safely to the destination with no mistakes, the Transporter is a very important job in our organisation due to the fact that his job is to deliver all of our narcotics & protein, without it, there wouldn't be any big sales.

  • Gym Equipment: We are selling gym equipment like treadmills, dumbbells, bars and sand sacks. They are sold legally and made in our factory. This is the only legal role in our organization and works as a front for our business. - (Unique Role) -

  • Training People: OverdoseCrime organises trainings to those who are interested in street-fighting and those who would like to build their body. They are not only teaching and training the poor people, Because they offer this also to gangs. No one will be stronger than OverdoseCrime, though. We train the poor people for free, But the gangs will have to pay. We use our illegal machines and we offer some of our proteins to train them.

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  • Gang Panel: OverdoseCrime.

  • Creation date: 17 - 6 - 2017

  • Gang Motto: "Attempt the impossible in order to improve your work!"

  • Gang Colorcode: -=(#471047)#28061D=-

  • Gang Level: - 3 -

  • Gang Tags: OC|>

  • Gang Value: 200.000.000$+

  • Gang Allies: The Company

^[alt text]

Level 5 ~ Leader [L]

The one, the only, the leader of the whole thing. Makes most of the decisions & takes care of the organisations most important matters.

Level 4 ~ Vice Leader [vL]

Supervises lower rank members and makes decisions based on the situation.

Level 4 ~ Manager [M]

The Manager, Has powers In making some decisions, Is an example to lower ranked members, Can Invite other people Into the organisation and watches over the gang Itself.

Level 3 ~ Assistant Manager [AM]

You can guess by the name, Assistant. Helps out with making decisions and learns from the Managers.

Level 3 ~ Respected [=R=]

This rank Is only given to Respected and/or Old members of the organisation, The rank doesn't have a purpose and mostly Is give to people who do not want to be Managers, The rank doesn't have Manager powers and need to ask for permission before doing something major In the organisation. They are just Respected members who we should all respect.

Level 3 ~ Certified Personal Trainer [CPT]

The one who gets hired and Personally trains someone In fitness at the gym and helps them become stronger, faster and better. Mostly has the same role as trainer but supervises the Trainers and makes sure they're doing a good job.

Level 3 ~ Manufacturer [MA]

Manufacturers manufacture all our proteins and supplements. This is one of the most important roles in the gang, he needs to be able to work under heavy pressure and stick to time limits. Quality control is also important in this role, each supplement needs to be made correctly and quickly. Younger members of the gang will learn skills from this member, on how to manufacture proteins and how to sell them quickly.

Level 3 ~ Drugs Manufacturer [DM]

This rank is for the members who have proved themselves to be weapons and combat masters, they are able to explain all weapons and exactly what each one can do to an enemy. They are also able to answer all questions weapon related and can identify what type of gun someone is using from metres away. They are Ace shots and someone to look up to in the gang. They also manufacture our weapons and research new ones.

Level 2 ~ Drug Supplier [WS]

This rank is for members who can explain most weapons and what they do, they are able to recommend arms to the clients and explain what each one does. They will generally have an Assistant who will learn from them about combat and weapons, they will be a good shot and able to get out of stressful situations with bullets easily.

Level 2 ~ Transporter [TR]

This rank is for the people of the gang who transport our proteins and supplements. Their job is to make sure they get from A B with no hassles, this person needs to be able to get out of sticky situations quickly. He is a trusted member of the gang and well respected by the suppliers.

Level 2 ~ Trainer [T]

The one who Is skilled enough to train others In fitness, his job Is obviously to train new guys at the gym and help them become the best. The Trainer will most likely be hanging around with an Assistant by his side, To teach him the ways of OverdoseCrime and train him to become better.

Level 1 ~ Drug Dealer [DD]

The Gun-Runner will learn how to sell arms to the public under supervision. He will also learn how to fight in combat, how to explain various weapons and learn about all things involving arms and combat. His main duty though will be to help transport and smuggle guns until hes more experienced.

Level 1 ~ Supplier [SU]

Supplier is the rank for the members whose sole purpose is to supply and distribute our world class Proteins and Supplements. He can answer questions about our products and recommend products to clients that may help them improve themselves. He will generally be supervised by higher ranked members of the gang.

Level 1 ~ Assistant Trainer [AT]

The trainee of the gym, his job is to learn from the Personal Trainers and the Certified Personal Trainers on how to be the best in his field. He will help with gym training and the selling of our gym equipment.

Level 0 ~ Novice [N]

The lowest rank In the organisation. The plebs, follow the steps In the promotion system to rank up. Helps out with the gang turf wars and Bank Robberies, Also helps out with small deals that OverdoseCrime makes. He must gain the trust of other members and prove he deserves a promotion.

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OverdoseCrime Base

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^[Media Archive - Here -]
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We want people who are capable of handing our business and someone who would fit in our organization without any trouble with anyone else. Be yourself and don't try to lie or pretend to be cool and mature because you will fail at the end and you'll get kicked. Minimum required age is 13. If you're not good in English, don't bother applying. You must know at least the basic English language.

  • In-game behavior should be decent. (Raging,Flaming or doing anything stupid around will get you denied.)

  • Stick to your role and try to roleplay as much as you can.

  • Asking for hanging or annoying the members won't give you anything else rather than denied, just locate them instead.

  • clear your confusions with our members before you apply, If you joined and caused any troubles or started fights with the members you'll be kicked.

  • Use valid English, the thing we give attention at most is the roleplay story. We want a roleplay 'story' definitely not a roleplay 'conversation'.

  • If you're heading inactive, let a Manager know it if you go after applying for us.

  • You must know all the Turf-war, Bank Robbery, Gang Robbery, Store Robbery, and general rules of the server as we question them during our testing procedure.

=> If you think you meet all these requirements, click on the ''Reveal hidden contents'' > Copy the application format > Scroll down and paste it on the ''Reply box'' and then fill in the application and submit it. You must have faith in yourself, and capable of handling yourself.


Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..):
Tell us about your SAES Career:
Why OverdoseCrime?:
Define OverdoseCrime:
Create a story related to our role:
Why should we accept you?:


=> Once you're done applying, head in-game and hang around with OverdoseCrime members, take part in criminal activities with them, Do NOT annoy them through party chat invites or private messages. Also do NOT ask any Manager to check your application, or else it's an insta-denied.

alt text

Join us In discord: https://discord.gg/QPESgBe

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