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goodbye, Black Syndicate


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Well, here we are after few years, we all know that everything has to come to an end and here is ours.

Black Syndicate was founded back in 2014. on November 19. by group of few friends. We didn't had any plans of becoming anything official nor long lasting as we did. This way we would like to thank everyone who was a part of our organisation and who was with us on this journey. Also this includes our friends and rivals, thank you for great times and good fights through this few years. We hope that every Black Syndicate member will find his place in other organisation and continue to have a great time playing on the server.

There, at last, once again thanks to everyone and have a good one. Black Syndicate :smiley:

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Rip :( i remember when the gang born and reach lvl3 back in 2015 Everyone said that gang have a good future and ofc had a good spot in the big gangs, is sad to see how the gang get closed but well like Tantawy said everything have his end. Good luck with any thing you do in the future guys

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