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Mac.Yeizzon's Application

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  • Section A: Information:

Nickname: Mac.Yeizzon

Account name: crazyloc

Age: 17 years old.

Primary Language: Spanish.

Current S/G/C and rank: National Narcotics Bureau

Other RP groups you're in: Secret Service Agent - Taxi El Centrino Driver - OutBreak Member.

Describe SAM in your own words: (Not less than 30 words): It is the first and only group that the Roleplay worried about supporting in order that San Andreas had an excellent medical attention.

Why was SAM founded?: It was founded in order to be a service of immediate emergency to attend to all the persons who need some type of medical assistance. SAM'S aim, it is to deliver the tools and to do everything possible in order that the patient manages to be in his maximum health.

What is the SAM motto?: "Always there when you need us most".

Who founded SAM?: @Joe .

  • Section B: Theory:

1 - A major earthquake has occurred in metropolitan Los Santos and there are many casualties. You're based in Blueberry and must respond to a barrage of emergency distress calls as a result of the earthquake. Describe your method of response to this situation and be sure to include how you would interact with your fellow medics and which equipment & vehicles you would use.

Answer: To be present at an earthquake, it is necessary to have the firefighters coverage. It is for this that, I have to evaluate to the victims and the hurts that have to classify which is the one that needs attention more rapid in order that risk does not traverse his life. If the so called one treats itself only about fracture of bone and other one is of a heart failure, which needs the most rapid assistance is that of the heart failure. This is because if his heart stops, it can provoke the instantaneous death. It would derive air units, since in an earthquake the streets remain inaccessible and the paramedics run risks.
To the moment to come to the place, it would go where the person with heart failure, first, would position her in correct form then to fulfil RCP and to stabilize it. After it, it would give the order of which they place it in a mobile stretcher and move her to the hospital.
Later, I would help the patient who has fracture of bone. I would analyze if it had some type of fissure in artery and would evaluate if the placement of turnstile is necessary. Later, I would do the immediate derivation.

2- Multiple officers have been shot while responding to an armed bank robbery. You have been called to assist in the rescue operation. Describe how you would respond.

Answer: First it would open an equipment with ambulances advanced to give the correct attention in case the wounds are of high gravity. Also I would worry about the safety of the doctors that they would go to the scene, which they were protected by the police. On having been in the place, I would evaluate if the injured men answer to signs and to stimuli as the vision, tact and breathing. Later to it, I would check if there is many loss of blood in the place of the bullets. Also it is necessary to bear in mind if the bullet did orifice of entry and exit, or if it damaged some type of important organ.Later to it, I would make the attention necessary with regard to the severity in which the injured men are affected.

3- Multiple people have been stabbed and burned by several terrorists at a train station and you 're the first medic to arrive on scene. The wounds are of varying severity. What would you do? I.e. How would you treat the wounds?

Answer: The being the first doctor, would help the persons to have wounded by cleaver, would bandage them to calm the bled one and would send them to the hospital of immediate form in ambulance. For the burnt persons, it would call to a helicopter ambulance. While this one comes, I would position the stretched out persons in the floor, would extinguish the flames with frozen water and later, would cover them with sterile bandage while I wait for the arrival of the units of movement. In a situation like that, it is not possible to do very much because there are no the necessary tools. Since an operation is needed if it is that out of high complexity.

  • Section C : Aptitudes:

1.How would you respond to criticism by a superior? Depending the type of critique, always they will be welcome those who are constructive. The idea is to improve and to be a good player.

2.Why exactly are you applying today? Last year had applied, but then I went away inactive and my application remained left. Now I want to complete and to do revenue to SAM because always I have been interested in being a part of the medical equipment.

3.What are your strengths and weaknesses? My forces are inside the game, since for the pilotage and the conduction of rapid and sure form. I have more than 10 years playing MTA and I know very well the skills of game. I like to play in team. My weaknesses go more to the area of my computer, since sometimes my FPS go down and it is more complex to play.

4.Why should we accept you to our team? I think that I am a mature and responsible person, with the skill of being able to treat with more people. Inside the game I have a lot of experience, this way also in SAES:RPG. I am very active inside the game. Besides the fact that I have knowledge great as for the medical area and think that I can deliver my knowledge. I am very creative.

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