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~[WHAT IS]~(#ff4500) IT?

BET~[. San Andreas]~(#ff4500) is a Player vs Player betting system that allows players to bet on football matches (different sports coming later) and turn their predictions into profit.

~[HOW DOES]~(#ff4500) IT WORK?

BET~[. San Andreas]~(#ff4500) will be operating as a betting exchange, but a bit differently. Players will bet against each other with the same amount of money (maximum of $500.000, minimum of $50.000). This will guarantee the winnings for every player that bet.
The house will take a 5% cut off the total winnings.


Here's a quick example of how things are supposed to work:

~[[Match 1]]~(#ff4500) Arsenal vs. Man. City

~[Player1]~(#ff4500) bets 250k on Arsenal, therefore, whoever wants to join has to bet the same 250k. ~[Player2]~(#ff4500) joins and bets another 250k on Man City. Arsenal won, ~[player1]~(#ff4500) will take home 500k minus the 5% comission cut (475k), ~[player1]~(#ff4500) would profit 225k.

~[HOW CAN]~(#ff4500) I BET?

Place a comment in the games thread with the following layout:

In-game nickname:
Bet amount:


Using the example above, an acceptable comment would look like this:

In-game nickname: ~[Darwin]~(#ff4500)
Match: ~[1. Arsenal vs. Man. City]~(#ff4500)
Bet: ~[Man. City]~(#ff4500)
Bet amount: ~[250k]~(#ff4500)



1. Bets made 30min before the start of the match aren't valid;

     1.1. All games are London and UK Time GMT+1 (same as the forum).

2. A bet is only confirmed once the BET~[. San Andreas]~(#ff4500) representative has received the money from the player;

     2.1. All representatives will follow the comments order to avoid discrimination.
Quick example: If player1 is the first to comment the match (s)he wants to bet on, (s)he will be the first to be contacted in-game.

     2.2. "What if I'm offline therefore unable to send the money?"
If the player has an acceptable comment but is unable to send the money afterwards he will able to do so until 30 minutes before the start of the match.
Quick Example: If the game starts at 19:30h (real GMT+1, not server time) you will be able to send the money until 19:00h, if you fail to do so your bet will be cancelled.
If the same player goes offline and never sends the money after commenting on the thread he will be given a trust score of -1. If your trust score reaches less than -3 you will be temporarly banned from BET~[. San Andreas]~(#ff4500) followed by a permanent ban if done again.

     2.3. "What if there are no BET~[. San Andreas]~(#ff4500) representatives online when I bet?"
If there are no BET~[. San Andreas]~(#ff4500) representatives online at the moment you bet on (assuming your comment is acceptable) you will be contacted by one as soon as (s)he gets online.
If no BET~[. San Andreas]~(#ff4500) representative is online until the 30min before the start of the match to validate your bet, the bet is automatically cancelled.

     2.4. "I sent the money but the representative didn't validate my bet!"
Make sure you screenshot (entire screen, no cuts) your money transfers to our representatives so we can avoid exploits. If you fail to provide a convincing screenshot your claims will be ignored.
If you're found providing an edited screenshot you will be automatically (temporarly followed by permanent if done again) banned from BET~[. San Andreas]~(#ff4500).
If a representative is found stealing the players bet money, (s)he will be permanently banned and blacklisted from the BET~[. San Andreas]~(#ff4500) team and the player will be refunded and given an extra 5% of the money bet.

3. Every match has a maximum of 3 empty rooms to force other players to bet on the opposite team, if the rooms are still empty when there's only 30min left for the match to start, the bet will be cancelled and the player refunded;

Quick example: If there are 3 players betting on the same team, any other player that wants to bet on that match will be forced to bet on the opposite team, this will avoid the creation of more empty rooms and guarantee the player's winnings.

4. All valid bets made on postponed games will be refunded;

5. Every match will feature teams with similar odds to avoid any skill related discrepancies.


~[GAMES THREAD]~(#ff4500) - ~[CLICK HERE]~(black)


We are currently looking for new people to represent us, if you feel like you can fit in our corporation, feel free to apply!
Use the layout below for a valid application.

~[Main Information:]~(ff4500)

In-game nickname:

~[Yes or No Questions:]~(ff4500)

Are you aware of all the server rules:
Do you follow all the server rules:
Have you ever been in a gang/group:
Have you ever been kicked out of a gang/group:
Do you see yourself as a good person:
Do you own an original GTA:SA copy:

~[Game Related Questions:]~(ff4500)

Short text (max. 50 words) about your character:
Which gang/group have you been in:
Which gang/group were you kicked out of:
For how long have you been playing at SAES:RPG:

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