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Promotion event


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Promotion Event

~[Not sure when i can do it, a bit busy this week]~(red,red)

At this event your Organization will get a hangar to promote yourself from.
4 Vehicles are allowed.
Contact any with constuction panel who want to help you mapping your interior at the hangar, Please don't spam objects as it will be so laggy :)
Show up at the gate to the area atleast 20 mins before start.

~[I hope to see a DJ playing some music within the DJ area.]~(lime)

Many know about this event, so please help explain to all the new players what this is about, but basically it's just about having fun all together.

Please add your Organization below if you will show up.

~[Will end it with a Last Organization standing, without any prizes as im poor :D]~(blueviolet)


seems like i can't add pictures....

Best regards LWS

~[G]~(red)/~[S]~(blue,navy)/~[C]~(orange) who will show up:

~[HRMC - Hell Raisers MC]~(gray)
~[NNB - National Narcotica Bureau]~(#aac7d1)
~[AA - Arms Animals/Assassins]~(#bd134b)
~[BB - Black Bullets]~(orange)
~[OC - Overdose Crime]~(red)
~[TST - The Strike Team]~(navy)

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