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The Forgotten


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^[Note: this is a group you dont need to leave your current g/s to be apart of us / some words may have a different meaning so wize reading if you are willing to and most important do not missunderstand as its a virtual group]

^[alt text]
^[ Intro]

^[Anarchy can take place when opinions are different but our policy makes it an instrument to englighten the world away from the deathly thirst of the animal instict inside.]

^[ alt text]

^[ Name: The oblivion is what makes human feel better or even worst sometimes,forget means the inability to remember or recall and that's how people shall always feel when it comes to us, as we are a secret organization we need to look absent and we found in the forget our way to stay out of lights in order to reach our goal.]

^[ Logo: The man presents the people in our organization as a global his hands cant be seen which keeps the absence of people's consciousness with our presence while we use the weapons which are the sign of power and anarchy to proceed what we see right.]

^[ alt text]

^[ Our story starts from the 1945 year and exactly the last days of the world war 2 but not the story of our founder]

^[1939-1944 The birth of the flame]

^[ His name was 'Micheal Med' he was the guy who got inspired by the art of love and the secret of creation and existence, his questions were the reason he had a talent in his small fingers to translate it from words to symphonies on his piano but that didn't last for long before the begin of WW2 in 1938 with the German Reich attack on Poland hid mother country. He was obliged to pick that instrument of death as he called it to defend what he believed in but the end was expected with the success of the invasion what made him run inside the old walls of the war cities, building after building for months looking for food and water like a ghost. One day he woke up somewhere surrounded with old classic wood walls next to a person reading a book and smoking a cigar like no stranger was sleeping next to him, the pianist had no panic when he saw the old guy who looked like a rich German before he understood everything with him explaining the situation, Micheal was inside a philosopher house that had the goal to take cover from the war problems until its over what was the same as the little hero. Although the situation didn't last forever when one of-of the war-criminals groups invade the house and ended the life of the old rich guy after he could help Micheal to escape with an old book in the last days of 1944.]

^[ 1945- The Foundation ]

^[ After he could make sure he is safe Micheal was able to find a small empty house to hide, he had enough curiosity to read what the books contained to have this importance for the guy who saved him. Few days made him discover the book which was a 1000 year contained a whole ideology]

^[ Some of the most important binds]

^[ - The presence doesn't prove the existence.]
^[ - Having emotions are just a weakness that was born with us and can die before us.]
^[ - What you see right is your right but what we all see true is our priority]
^[- Blood is a requirement to live but can be also an instrument for others to start again]
^[ - Difference strengthen the human qualities inside of us.]

^[ The words that the book contained made Micheal start his search inside of the dead cities to find worthy people and make them believe in what he thinks right, he never cared about the past of who was with him just who believed in him deeply and ready to stop the war at any cost.]

^[ 1945- 2019 (now) ]

^[ After the war, the ideology of the organization made it get much pressure from winners in the war and finally die officially in 1948, but Micheal didn't stop his fight before he went to San Andreas where he wanted to revive his beliefs in the middle of a revolutionary war between CLO and DE same as he had in WW2 but with a different nature. Although everyone still thinks that forgotten died since ages it's still alive somewhere. ]

^[ alt text]

^[- Teach our ideology: As we are an organization based on some strange beliefs our priority is to make people understand it, in a way that they won't notice before they become followers]

^[- Choosing and recruiting: To keep our work in the dark we are using our unique requirements to get new followers from a very tiny window]

^[- Supporting The enhancements: Freedom is one of our priorities and we are ready to work hard so any revolutionary movement, coup have a successful end.]

^[ - Doing any legal and illegal activities: In the limits of everyone good, we can take any side (civilian, criminal, cops) same as our members while in order to reach specific results.]

^[ - Defending Difference We are ready to go to the limits in order to defend everyone right and keep equality in everything and between people whatever was their background or past]

^[- Death & Life Policy: As we are ready to help people live we are ready to take their lives if it's needed in order to reach what we want all.]

^[ alt text]

^[ Leader]

^[ The person who sacrificed his life to serve the organization and can't be changed unless he died]

^[Vice Leader]

^[Announced by Leader and he has all rights to do anything, He needs to be one of the oldest members to be chosen]


^[The third man in The Forgotten he has enough confidence to be in the leader position when both Leader and vice are absent, his powers are limited to just the owner of the organization. ]


^[Main Leaders of the organization, Those who make sure the legacy will never die and prepare any activity]


^[These people are those who are one step closer from joinning the council but need sto prove themselves more and organize more stuff. ]


^[ All of the same whatever was the background only the, present the main shape of the forgotten]

^[The Under-Members]

^[New members, they don't handle big stuff or get information about it until they get the respect and trust to take the responsibility]


^[-T.G (the ghosts) : The agency responsible for all the eliminations and most secured]

^[- T.B (The Believers) : The agency able to Share the ideology and strengthen it.]

^[- Them: The most secret agency inside the organization even its members don't know each other, they collect information and bring ideas to the council.]

^[ alt text]

Vice Leader:
Sub Leader:
Under Council:
Veteran Members:
Under Members:

^[alt text]

^[ Founders: Filex, Epichu]
^[Balance: Classified]
^[Our Color: ~[#191932]~(#191932) ]
^[ Motto: 'The oblivion is what enemies fear']
^[Discord Server: https://discord.gg/JFCQyPB]
^[Base & Properties:]
^[Base: The Cigar Warehouse alt text]

^[alt text]

^[ If you are interested in joining our group you can grab your chance now as the recruitment just opened and we looking for members to start with us the road into future results and success who knows just use the application in the spoiler as it is and your answer shall come to sooner we discuss]


**Nickname, account name, age, weakness and strenghts all classical stuff (3 lines min- 5 max) :**
**What is our role :**
**Why shall we accept you:**
**Reasons to apply:**
**What agency you would like to join if you get in:**


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Nickname, account name, age, weakness and strenghts all classical stuff (3 lines min- 5 max) :
My ingame nickname is JoGe and accountname is joge. I am 22-years old boi from finland and my strenghts are my good reputation among the community and ofc shooting and driving skills. My biggest weakness is flying in my opinion. My current memberships in saes are AA and Cluck, also i am ALT applicant and lately i have been doing much work for it. I have been playing MTA and SAES since 2012. i was couple years inactive due to school and finnish defense forces
What is our role : Spreading the word of freedom and doing everything for it.

Why shall we accept you: As i said before, i have good reputation and also i have experience of many kind of things in server. I have been hq in official squad, i am hq* in official group and i am level 1 member in official gang. Also i would be very loyal member as you have ideology that interests me.
Reasons to apply: Well some of your member recommended me to do it and he told me about this new group and i liked it since im not a huge fan of CLO or DE.
What agency you would like to join if you get in: The Believers

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Nickname, account name, age, weakness and strenghts all classical stuff (3 lines min- 5 max) : Hi, I'm going to start this by talking on me in-game, I'm known with the name Andre, my account name is Mazgou123, I've got too many strengths as shooting, parachuting, flying and also driving, I don't think that I have any weaknesses but playing with lag my current members ship are OverdoseCrime, GEA- General Eagle Arms, Black Eagle Security and The Motor Head, my real name is Mohamed I'm 17 years old, I'm a good a funny guy and I respect everyone.
What is our role : Our role is to spread our beliefs and doing everything to achieve that goal
Why shall we accept you: I have a really good experience In SAES, I've been playing in 3 years, also I'm so active in both server and forum, I have a really good imagination for roleplays and also I'm so skilled at shooting and this stuff and I'm sure that I will be a good member for The forgotten
Reasons to apply: I applied because I love the role so much and also I've got too many friends in The forgotten so It would be so fun and I really want to be one of the first members to join this group and help at making it an official group.
What agency you would like to join if you get in: I want to join T.G (the ghosts)

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@Andre @Andre We can see your hard work for trying to join The Forgotten, we see that ur an old player with alot of experiance in the server not just in the server but aswell as your shooting and driving skills we need people like u,and we decided to give you an opertunity in our group,we hope u will like it in our family and be as we expect you to be <3
Join us in our discord Server https://discord.gg/2c6hkAK
alt text

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