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Use of Trainers


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Unfortunately not a positive post time however it's come to our attention that a small number of individuals within the community have been using trainers in order to assist their gangs in keypad cracking. Upon discovery of this we have updated our AntiCheat system today in order to prevent this from being able to occur again.

In response to this, due to BRing being a gang activity, we have decided to take action against the gangs and name n'shame the individuals responsible to allow gang leaders/HQs to punish the members themselves.

The individuals responsible are:

@Ammar (Underground Empire HQ)
@Jesse421 (Underground Empire Member)
@Thrzu (Underground Empire)
@Mechul (CDC Member)
@Jasser (Black Bullets Member)
@Daglow (Arms Assassins Member)

As a result of this, the actions SAES HQ and GM have decided to take include:

Underground Empire

  • Demotion to Level 4 due to HQ team member being involved

  • 50m fine

  • BR Rights removed for 30 days


  • Official Warning

  • 50m fine


  • Official Warning

  • 50m fine

Arms Assassins

  • Official Warning

  • 50m fine

May we take this opportunity to remind you all that we take the use of exploits/trainers very seriously with a zero tolerance policy and never should similar actions be performed. Any similar events should be reported to SAES HQ.
Apologies for inconveniences caused.

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Man not being a drama king but having LVL 5 Gangs HQs and/or HR is so shameful, and i think this new anti cheat system might expose some of GT " Pros " too, anyways I'm sorry for the gangs and the individuals that got punished and i hope others learn a lesson from that.

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Dear @Mohd,

I am sure that the situation with your cracking team has affected the BR performance of your gang in a negative way, if you need help with paying off that 50 million debt, ThC is willing to negotiate with you :)

Have an awesome day

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