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Car resellers



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~[READ BEFORE VOTING]~(red,orange,yellow,lime,cyan,blue,blueviolet,violet)

So i have an idea which is allowig the player to sell his car to other players, like cudtomized vehicles or modded cars example:
if i bought a cheetah which will cost me 1.2M
And i put a v8 and awd on it it will cost me 3.7M
And if i dont need it anymore or i gotta sell t i will only get 600K
But if i sell it to other players i can get moremoney like sell it atleast for 3.5M so i can get some money
And this will help modded cars makers too because if i make a car that will cost me 3M and i am bored of it and i want to sell it
Maybe a player like and would buy it for 3.5M.
And this new Idea may help RPing like Gangs that steal cars and sell them i think you Got me
~[Don't forget to leave a comment guys ! :D ]~(red,yellow,cyan,cyan,red,orange)

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@Crash said in Car resellers:

I like this idea i been doing a Carshop RP for CC but we only pretend to sell the cars if this was possible we could actually do showcases and sell cars to buyrs description

Yes i mean like you can make a car for someone or buy used cars and sell them again

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