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Aplications Of POSA.


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Personal Information:

In-game nickname: Jamal
In-game account name: hoho02
Age: 17
Country of residence: Algeria.
Rate your English skills (1/10)?: 8/10.

How long have you been playing SAES:RPG: I've been playing since 2020.
What's your current organization and rank?: Deputy Commander of the Royal Eagles Division.
List your groups membership(s): nothing.

Your Strengths: I'm very active, like more than 7 hours a day. 
Your Weaknesses: nothing.
Rate your sailing skills (1/10): 8

More Information:

What can you bring to the Pirate crew?: I can bring alot of  activity.
Tell us a little about yourself in the server: I am Jamal, I am not an individual who does not follow the rules of the game. I want to explore the group and provide everything you need.
 What is "role play"? Role play is a type of activity where different participants take on the roles of different characters. They construct a story.

Optional: Name some references. (Any POSA member that bought you to apply or might vote for you):

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