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[SUGGESTION] extra objects for PC and squads[FEEDBACK REQUIRED]


Completely fair for copside to need these tools for preparedness  

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Due to the amount of times that roadblocks are being used by the crim side it would be fair for the cop side to be added two more spiketraps (stingers) for a total of 4 spiketraps

3 more indestructible barriers for a total of 4 barriers

and a new command barrier2 for squads and PC only, 3 indestructible imy_track_barrier objects with same script as /barrier



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On 20/12/2023 at 08:08, Element said:

I didn't understand your claim, crimes using roadblocks?? 

However, 2 spikes are more than enough & fair to block almost every road on the map, I don't see a logical reason for allowing 4 per cop.

I mean criminals use roadblock during BRs and all so we should be given more features, all breakable of coruse.

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