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PARS - Level 1 Application


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Precision Assault  Reconnaissance Squad






Founders: @Pancy, @Blue, @XpooKs

Date of creation: 8th April 2023
Squad level: 0
Squad code color: 051f2c
Recruitment: OPEN
Squad Tags: [PARS] , [PARS*], [PARS-A]




The Precision Assault and Reconnaissance Squad (PARS) is a highly specialized unit of law enforcement officers dedicated to combating drug-related crime through a combination of tactical operations and undercover work. PARS officers are trained to infiltrate criminal organizations and gather critical intelligence, using their specialized skills to disrupt illegal drug trafficking networks. With a focus on precision and strategic planning, PARS officers are uniquely equipped to handle high-risk situations with speed and efficiency. "Precision Assault" emphasizes their ability to take swift, decisive and high-pressure action when necessary, while "Reconnaissance" reflects their expertise in gathering information and conducting surveillance, which is essential to their undercover work. By utilizing a variety of tactics and government-issued weapons, including lethal and non-lethal options, PARS officers are able to arrest perpetrators quickly and efficiently with minimal harm to civilians or themselves. With their unwavering commitment to protecting the community and disrupting drug-related crime, PARS is a force to be reckoned with in the fight against drug-related crime.






  •  In 2000, an Interpol detective was tasked with tracking down a notorious gang involved in both drug trafficking and illegal poaching of rare and endangered animals. The group had their sights set on capturing an albino leopard to offer its fur as a gift to a prominent drug lord in the region. Working with locals and creating various undercover teams, the agent and their team of highly trained officers infiltrated the gang's operations and successfully dismantled their illicit activities, saving the rare leopard from being poached and stopping a multi-million dollar drug-trafficking business. 


  • Inspired by their success in dismantling the gang's illegal activities, the founder decided to create a specialized police squad dedicated to combating the scourge of drug trafficking in their home country of the United States. In 2003, the founder created the Precision Assault and Reconnaissance Squad (PARS), with the leopard that started it all becoming an important symbol of the squad.


  • PARS was founded on the principle of using advanced technology and tactics to track and apprehend criminals involved in drug trafficking. The founder recognized the importance of having a comprehensive approach to this problem, which involved not only enforcement but also education and community outreach. 


  • Under the founder's leadership, PARS quickly gained a reputation for its precision and effectiveness in tackling drug trafficking. The squad employed highly trained undercover agents named ''Leopards'' that used advanced surveillance technology and tactics to track and apprehend criminals involved in these illicit activities. The founder also worked closely with local law enforcement agencies and community leaders to gather intelligence and share information, strengthening the fight against drug trafficking.


  • PARS also placed a strong emphasis on education and community outreach, recognizing the importance of engaging with local communities to raise awareness about the dangers of drug trafficking. The founder and their team regularly conducted educational workshops and seminars, reaching out to schools and community centers to educate people about drugs and the devastating consequences that come with it.


  • Throughout the years, PARS continued to make significant contributions in the fight against drug trafficking. Under the founder's leadership, the squad continued to evolve and expand their reach, taking on more cases and gaining more resources.


  • In 2023, with their new branch in San Andreas the founder's legacy continues to live on through the work of PARS and the many lives that have been saved through their efforts.





[PARS]XpooKs (chadi147) 

Deputy Director

[PARS]Blue (blue35)

Senior Advisor

[PARS]Pancy (maxwer)

[PARS]Doom (mahdi444)



[PARS]Schwaring (shiroi36)

[PARS]ZoRo (zoro124)

[PARS]Jamal (moenesmjaid)

[PARS]Tamer (omar0101565)

Special Agent

[PARS]Mixpeko (mix1458)

[PARS]Kristiina (twister)

[PARS]Pau (kuyt11)








Probationary Agent






Recruitment: OPEN

We have an application system in our discord server, you may join the server and use the system if you would like to be a part of our growing family.

You can also contact any of our HQ's for your questions.


Discord Link: https://discord.gg/gWhc4W6RrH



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