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[SUGGESTION] useful cop team update[FEEDBACK REQUIRED]



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  1. 1. This suggestion is fair for crims, and cops as there are more crims than cops most of the time, and they mostly win so please don't be selfish, and stuck in only one perspective.


This cop team update is an attempt to raise up activity, the suggestions are spawns that are useful to the cop side and therefore should be theoretically constantly used.

All the spawns should be public, with their own arrest requirements.


  • Tactical Response Unit for every Police Department (M4, Sniper, shotgun, taser, flashbang, nightstick)
  • Tactical Medic Unit (M4, sniper, spaz 12, taser, flashbang, medic kit)
  • Police Medic (medic kit, taser, Deagle, etc)
  • Deputy Sheriff (same weps sheriff has, except sniper, and less ammo)
  • Sheriff Tactical Response Unit (M4, sniper, shotgun, taser, flashbang, nightstick)
  • Skins will have their own shaders, I can design the shaders myself or by any other in order to contribute.
  • 1 SWAT tank per State Police Department (LVPD, SFPD, LSPD) should be locked to the TRUs. No SWAT tanks in counties
  • very small amount of vehicles for Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff, and Sheriff Tactical Response Units.


  • Sheriff for PC-only, (M4, sniper, deagle, taser, shotgun, nightstick, etc)
  • All the cars in the Sheriff's Offices should be locked to their corresponding spawns which means there should be cars for Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff.
  • More ammo for PC spawns

This is how these spawns look IRL

**NOTE: they're called SWAT teams, they're usually under a police department or a law enforcement agency, a SWAT team is a police tactical unit but since we already have a squad named SWAT and it's not dependent on a police department, but just a law enforcement organization like the FBI, I name them by TRU.


Special Operations Unit — Sonoma County Sheriff's Office

non-tactical police medics apparently only exist in UK

Police medic hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

Tactical medic units

Victoria Fire Tactical EMS Unit prepares to deploy with Victoria police SWAT  team (w/video) | Local News | victoriaadvocate.com

NOEMS Medics attend Tactical Medical Operator Course


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@BrophyYou could put them in the feedback required channel in the discord server, I did advertise these suggestions including the DE/CLO ones in their own servers but nobody really answers so maybe putting them in that channel would make people look at it.

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