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Kar69X's application


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#### **I - INFORMATION**
**Real name:** baligh el khetmi
**In-Game name:** Kar69X
**Username:** elrbo3djeja
**Age:** 18 years old , born in 8th of juin 2004
**Primary language:** Arabic
**Other spoken languages, if any:** English for sure , some French and a little bit of Dutch
**What is your Discord name?** baligh el khetmi#1344
**How well do you speak English (?/10)?** 8.5/10


#### **II - HISTORY**
**How long have you been playing MTA?** Since 2017
**How long have you been playing SAES?** Since 2018
**Are you PC (ProCop)?** No but i'm willing to
**Have you been part of other organizations? State if left or kicked and why:** (list them) I was WA back in 2018 and THC member 2022
**Are you currently or have been part of any groups? State if left or kicked and why:** (list them) No 
**Have you ever received punishment from SAES staff before? If so, when and why?** (list them with details) No i've not since i don't have a reason to break any rule


#### **III - RULES**
**Have you read and agreed with all server rules (located by pressing F1 in-game)?** Yes for sure
**Have you read and agreed with all SAFP rules?** Yes ofcorse
**Do you understand that breaking the rules excessively may result in your dismissal?** Yes for sure


**Why would you like to join us?** (use at least 20 words) I'm applying to SAFP to be better at my role as cop and to have more experience in the server,and i can have more opportunities to be better player 
**Why should SAFP accept you?** (use at least 20 words) I'm comprehensive person also disciplined  and have some sort of skills that i can show and imporve , i'm mostly active everyday also i can give some quality in RPing and to the SAFP
**Has anyone recommended you to join? If so, who?** No one 
**Do you have friends or acquaintances in SAFP? If so, who?** No i don't have


_"I, **Kar69X**, solemnly swear that all of the questions above were answered with honesty and the complete truth by myself, and I agree that, if at any time in the future any of it is found not to be true, I shall be discharged from my duty as a Peace Officer, had I already passed the training exams, or have my application denied."_

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