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The Unjust Demotion of Navy Malistrip: A Call for Correction


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On 08/08/2020, Navy Malistrip experienced a demotion as a result of a baseless ban imposed by NanoBob. This ban had a significant impact on the political landscape within the server at the time, following the events of Sons of Anarchy (SoA) being prohibited from participating in bank robberies.

Despite the ban being thoroughly discredited, it appears that Navy Malistrip's demotion was driven by political motives and maneuvering by the administrators in charge at the time. The leader was banned and Navy Malistrip was demoted from level 3 to level 2, despite their impressive performance with the team.

It is imperative to note that Navy Malistrip remains alive and has not been deleted. As the leader of the gang who was falsely banned, I implore the management team to restore Navy Malistrip's status to level 3. This is the just course of action and would demonstrate that the server still possesses some degree of integrity.

Corrections must be made in the face of mistakes. This is the correction I am advocating for and it is the ethical obligation of the gang management team to make amends. Refusal to do so would indicate a lack of independent thought by the Gang Management team and an unwavering adherence to the commands of higher-ups.

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I totally agree that the demotion and deleveling of Navy Malistrip was simply motivated by political assumptions and reasons under the guise of "Trainer use" after Navy Malistrip opted to further and separate itself from the political party (under the guise of gang) Sons of Anarchy reason owing to Navy Malistrip not wanting extra and needless rivalry with them after a handful of interactions with them.

Factually and rationally, Nanobob took this personally and allowed his emotions to dominate him, prompting him to hit back by banning Navy Malistrip creator and leader Bazuka in an attempt to terminate and shut down Navy Malistrip, which obviously failed and just helped Navy Malistrip to struggle and become stronger, eventually reaching level 5 & shattering every record available for a gang.

This clearly demonstrates the extent of political corruption inside SAES, since it demonstrates how the so-called autonomous gang management is controlled by the top highs with no logical justification but solely as they like. Of course, you won't hear about it anywhere since SAES does an excellent job of suppressing any material that opposes them. Consider this only one example; imagine the others.

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Navy Malistrip has been an exceptional gang in SAES for many years. During its tenure, it has demonstrated a strong work ethic, exceptional technical skills and a commitment to delivering results. It has consistently exceeded expectations and has taken on additional responsibilities to support the server's goals and objectives.

One of the key reasons why Navy Malistrip should be promoted back to level 3 is its ability to work well with others. It has excellent communication skills and a proven track record of building strong relationships with other gangs and squads. It is a team and has consistently demonstrated a positive attitude and a willingness to go above and beyond to ensure the success of projects. This makes it an asset to the server and a valuable member of any server it is a part of.

In addition to its strong interpersonal skills, Navy Malistrip has also shown a deep understanding of the server's products and services. It has demonstrated expertise in its area of responsibility and has consistently delivered high-quality work. It has a track record of meeting tight deadlines and delivering projects on time, even under challenging circumstances. Its technical abilities and attention to detail make it an invaluable resource to the company and a key contributor to its success.

In conclusion, Navy Malistrip has been an exceptional gang and has consistently demonstrated the skills and attributes necessary to be promoted back to level 3. It is a valued member of SAES, has a proven track record of delivering results, and has the interpersonal and technical skills required to be successful in this role. It is therefore recommended that Navy Malistrip be considered for promotion to level 3.

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