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Hell Soldiers level 2 application


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 alt text 


We bring Hell to Earth!

Don't drink & drive, smoke and fly!







Current Level: 1


Gangcolor: R85;G33;B140  #55218c


Motto: We bring Hell to Earth


Gangbase: Los Santos, Idlewood


Date of Origination: Monday, 17th August 2009 (23.03.2020)


Discord: https://discord.gg/spQQ96mm79


alt text


Philly's Funeral, Near the end, 


No... he can't be dead... he just cant..." said Epic ~"he... had so much to live for..."


[ After all the work he did... he... he just dies... curse you God..." said the old senior member "If only he was alive..." 


Priests Enter


May he rest in peace, he was a good man, but... It has passed his time" said the priest unemotionally. 


A Rival Gang enters Knowing that all HS is there.


"TAKE COVER"Said Epic astonishingly "WE ARE UNDER ATTACK"


Epic dives to cover Behind a grave stone, and pulls out a pistol.


"I SAID, GET TO DAMN COVER"Said Epic in a furious Rage 


Epic Watches as the whole gang gets pelleted by guns bullets 


 Epic's Heart Beat slowly Rises and a rush of adrenaline occurs 


"FUCK YOU" said Epic to all 20 rival gang members, "I'LL FUCKING RIP YOUR HEART OUT"


Epic pulls out the pistol and cocks it.


Epic guns down 3 Members before getting ambushed from behind.


"SHIT, FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK"]~(#55218c) Said Epic in a crying rage. 


[Epic runs to the nearby shed, shooting 2 people on his way.


Epic checks his clip


3 Bullets Left... Damn it" Said Epic. "There must be another weapon around here somewhere..."replied again. 


Epic Sees A Knife Nearby. 


"Perfect..."Said Epic With a slight Grin. 


Epic crawls through a hole in the back of the shed and creeps up on a rival gang member


"Good Night Little Fucker"said Epic softly with blood crazed eyes. 


 Epic stabs the rival gang member and takes his AK-47 and clothes. 


"Lets See if those acting lessons worked out..." said Epic To himself. 


Hey... Dude, can I have some AK Ammo" said the nearby gang member as Epic walks past the trees "and ran out"


Sorry dawg, I'm on my last clip" said Epic "Where's the car, I'm Going to check if we left some ammo there." 


 The Rival Gang Member Points To the dark black windowless Van Nearby. 


"Can you grab me an M4 while your at it" said the Rival Gang member. 


"Sure, did we bring a silenced by the way?"Said Epic "The leader told me i had to assassinate Marcus Torkes later." 


"I'm not sure" said the rival member as he walked away pulling out a pack of cigars. 


"You shouldn't smoke, It will kill you silently" said Epic Chuckling sinisterly.


Epic checks the van, coping the feel of the advance weaponry, while sliding a silenced and AK-47 and pistol clips Into his left shirt pocket, while keeping a M4 in the open.


Alright... This should be enough" said Epic with a wide grin "I guess I'll give him the M4..."


Epic Walks towards the gang member.


"Here's the M4 you wanted" said Epic looking to make sure no one is around.


Something wrong dude?" Said the Gang Member.


Rival gang members turns away with no one nearby, Epic slips out the silenced slowly, then shoots the gang member in the head.


"LETS GO, EVERYONE HE'S PROBABLY DEAD said the leader of the rival gang We Have work to do.


Epic Hides in the trees taking off the gang clothes.


"Phew..." Said Epic "I really don't want to do that again


Epic Inspects everyone's body.


"Damn it... They're all dead said Epic as a single teardrop drops from his face.


Epic walks away slowly as the sun sets slowly.


alt text


As most of you probably already know we're the leading group of drug dealers around San Andreas. We ship our drugs from the harbors all around the state with help from our cartel contacts and of course with assistance from our great allies Black Bullets! We transport the dope to a specific given location in each one of the major cities, Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. From there we split the drugs up with our minor allies and let them help us spread the different goods through the cities, into the greatest ghettos of the state, and even some throughout the little counties outside the cities. (preferably Red County, Montgomery.)


Our role is not to cause trouble everywhere, but to take advantage of all of the bad things that are happening in our country on a daily basis. Can't say it's very hard to do our job since all the crimes are cover-ups for what we do. We're the high rollers in the dope business, renting newer gangs to deal with our dirty work, while we cover their backs in return. Only the real and most notorious balla's around get to meet us personally for their good stuff, so don't come running up to our headquarter without a proper reason, unless you wanna get your ass kicked.




alt text






alt text
The previously abandoned property turned into the powerhouse of the gang once it was refurbished and the management moved in. Behind those walls niggas be working 24/7 in order to meet the demand for drugs in Las Venturas and Los Santos. Toxic fumes from the chimney poison the surroundings with putrefied smells from rats and chemical elements, reminding the police forces who runs the city.




^[ Spoiler Text ]
A long forgotten old ass storage warehouse, filled to the roof with ammunition and marked by the police vehicles. The sheer amount of ammo used during parties and turf wars makes this location the primary meeting spot between Hell Soldiers and their arms dealers.




^[ Spoiler Text ]
That small and by the looks irrelevant part of the ghetto is the place where the leader and baby momas grew up. Marked by the police? Assassins on your way? This is the place where all of those problems perish, knock on the door and the family will greet you with some chili soup and an ounce of weed, just enough to make the time pass faster until the world forgets you existed.




 Spoiler Text 
Ah, the old cozy fort of Hell Soldiers. This place used to run the whole city and drive back all those niggas who tried to compete with our services. Obviously nobody is gonna let some cunts from other gangs run the city while Hell Soldiers conquers San Andreas. After the main group went to fight for Las Venturas, the leader left some street rats, foot soldiers and informants to keep the city straight and deal with turf issues.




alt text
The newest asset to the gang. What started as a family business now turns into a real corporate organization with tendencies to outsource the work nobody liked to do. This port makes almost all the money alone. Raw and refined chemicals, weapons and equipment all go through our port. Management here is almost fully independent and cares only for delivering the stuff. A huge amount of newly recruited Foot Soldiers spend their days here, guarding the place from sniffing cops and uninvited enemies. Being the main entrance, other gangs lick our asses in fear that we might stop their shipments.


Everyone should read and accommodate the rules written below in a comprehensive manner and frequently.


In the case you caught/noticed a member trying to violate any of these rules, don't bother to take it upon yourself and don't hesitate to report him to an HQ immediately, otherwise you'll be considered as involved.


Lack of understanding any rule is not an excuse to break it, contact an HQ to get answers for whichever inquiries you've.






  • 1 Always respect Admins and the Server rules which are listed in F1.
  • 2 Try to Roleplay as much as possible, as it fits us, like drug robbing, store robbing nor something other.
  • 3 Dont just keep deathmatching at our Base, therefore you can use the time to Roleplay, train or turfing.
  • 4 Please stay active at the Forums and also In-game, if you are going for a break, let it us know.
  • 5 Do not blow up the parked Vehicles at our Base, we may need them.
  • 6 Always listen to the Leader and the HQ Team, never ignore them and respect them, and try to discuss something peacefully, do not act lice a cunt, as they only want the best for us.
  • 7 If you are changing your Name, please let it us know, and mention it somewhere, so we know who you are.
  • 8 Always try to help as much as you can, helping your family has the highest priority. Always work as a Team, try to do more stuff together.
  • 9 Dont leave chains between you and the HQ
  • 10 If you are going to have a match, or a bet, with money as price, please ask an high ranked Member for permission. If you having a match or a bet without money, you dont need permission, in addition, you cant play against our allies or HS Members for money.
  • 11 For Probation Members it is strictly forbidden to use the Helicopters.
  • 12 Probation Members should not have the Private Forum password till they passed the Probation sentence, which means, other members are strictly forbidden to give the Forum password out to Probies.
  • 13 Stop the Spamming and Raging in the Mainchat like HS FTW, insulting people, or talking to each others on the mainchat, it just makes us look dumb. Always behave.
  • 14 Do not treat random Criminals or Trainees barefacedly, they are players like you, help them as they are not causing problems. Also always try to help beginners and think about it when you joined SAES, you also needed help, so don't ignore them.
  • 15 Do not kill someone because he is in our Base, let him take what he needs and let him go. Our base is not a camping place or a chilling one.
  • 16 Try to have a good relationship with your mates, once you found a problem between two some of them, try to solve it.
  • 17 If you are leaving the gang, let is us know by a Forum Post or an Private Message to one of the Headquarters. If not, you will be immediately added to our blacklist.
  • 18 Don't give random orders, it will be only harder for the HQ and Leader to handle it.
  • 19 Don't attack other Bases for having a war until you make sure, they have agreed.
  • 20 When you are Spawned as Cop, please remove HS Tags and change your Name.
  • 21 Any warnings on the Members Tab is strictly the business of the HQ team and the member with warnings. example: If member A has a warning, or member B has 20, members C through Z don't have a thing to say about it.
  • 22 It is considered EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL to harass another member regarding their warnings. it's not your business how or why they got them. anyone caught harassing a fellow HS about warnings will be dealt with. remember HS rule 16, viewable above.




  • 1 Do not come as a Cop to the Turfs.
  • 2 Never come in the Turfzones as a medic if you are only healing us. Just stay outside of it whenever company arrives.
  • 3 Do not spawn inside the Turfzones.
  • 4 Never come to the Turfzones as a Civilian.
  • 5 Do not shoot everyone that is inside a Turfzone.




  • 1 Don't go to BRs with out HQ Team or Leaders permission, except of allies BRs.
  • 2 Don't BR alone.
  • 3 Don't ask for BRs , be sure that HQ Team and Leaders are getting the chance once it exists.
    1. Once the HQ Team and Leaders decides who will Crack, no one other can crack, others can just protect.
  • 5 Follow the HQ Team and the leaders instructions in BRs.
  • 6 Everyone have to learn how to crack. More Informations below.
  • 7 Once you are there at the bank get away from the sliding door that is found on first floor, keep it closed.
  • 8 No nades at the Bankrob.
  • 9 Everyone who is not cracking have to protect, do not keep camping and waiting for the following door to get cracked .
  • 10 Commiting suicide after an bankrob (e. jumping from the roof) is strictly forbidden and will result in a warning.




(We decided to not take part of gangrobs. For now.)


  • 1 No grenades to be at a gangrob at all. This includes using vehicles as explosives.
  • 2 No spawn killing - Don't camp a gang's spawn. Beef up defenses elsewhere if necessary.
  • 3 You can only gangrob spawned as your gang. Don't bring helpers. Allies or other gangs to assist are permitted.
  • 4 CLO/DE assistance is not permitted.
  • 4 Removing the gang cash whilst getting robbed will result in your gang being leveled down. You can remove the cash to prevent being robbed IF you are not being robbed. Do the decent thing and don't rob anyone else if you do this.
  • 5 You are not allowed to rob alone.
  • 6 Squads are permitted to arrest.
  • 7 It is not permitted for gang members to spawn as police to assist in a gangrob.
  • 8 If you have removed the gang cash to prevent robberies, you are not permitted to rob other gangs.
  • 9 Getting allies to rob you and then killing them to get the cash back to prevent yourselves being robbed is classed as abuse of the system, and will result in a level down for both parties.
  • 10 Using animations such as /crack, /sur or /bathe whilst cracking a safe will result in punishment.
  • 11 Gang Robbing a gang that is doing a BR is not allowed.
  • 12 Any gang that involves in a GR, by GRing some gang or even assisting is not allowed to take out all gang account money for a month.
  • 13 Moaning after robbing or getting robbed is not allowed, it spams the team chat and creates flame wars, insults.
  • 14 Using vehicles to block the safe while GRing is not allowed.




Total members: 120
Active Members: 45
Inactive Members: 70/5 semi active


 Level 6 / 7 - Big Homies 


  • Kockata [kockata] Founder
  •  candi [albajan] HQ
  •  Lorch[zeroukiHichem] Vice-Leader


Level 5 - Enforcers [HQ]

  •  Petrow [presko99]
  • Silalius [alius]
  • MinexDohavkin [mubeen]
  • Xblue [talking]

Level 4 - Honorary Members 


  • Rzz0 [rzz0][Founder]
  • Lartsa [artsa99] [Legendary]
  •  Nick420 [nickk44] [Legendary]
  • DrLove [monsterdrlove] [Legendary]
  • SAES>Henry [mierburns]




Level 4 - Baby Momma 


  • Yorker [steffan]
  • Mlody [myronn]
  • xSilver [rahamim005]


Level 3 - Original Gangster 

  • Jccx [muboobum]


Level 2 - Original Young Gangster 


  • MeRo [dragonwarrior]
  • Mooyee [pulapemasa]
  • Teller [teller]
  • Fxy [xfox]
  •  Timbo [xxtimboBG]
  • TaffyC [kartalcocuk]
  •  ugli [marxmarx]


 Level 1 - Tiny Locs 


  •  Sativa420 [Hash01]
  •  RiseAgain [riseagain]
  •  EmreErolov [emregotiniya]
  •  Jell0u [tazic]
  • Yamielbeast [yamielbeast]
  • Dizzy [leeys]
  •  Doktora [ruskow69]


 Level 0 - Street Rats 


  •  Soul [simons70]
  •  Piercee [piercee]
  •  Urdu [Piider]
  •  Davey [davey]
  •  EsseJ [EsseJ]
  • CW [jeppe1994]
  • Juusy [JuustuSa1]
  • Gastly [standart123]
  •  Xtream [klevis11]
  •  Chimp [drdog]
  •  Cholo420 [67harlem]
  • Talumeesiff [talumeesiff]
  •  KiCKeR [trshadow]
  •  AwakenedGod [suckerpunch19000]
  • Razy [k11k88]
  •  Zocomg [zocomg]
  •  Kwonj1ral [kwonj1ral]
  • Siddman [siddharta1985]
  • Dutchweed [bjorn21]
  • Jaimy [jeff1312]
  •  Snox [fabian321]
  •  Doni [aef8uga7]
  •  Stallone [RebelD]
  • Vercetti [vercetti86]
  •  Revan [razovodnik]
  •  Kezam [kesam]
  •  Halfy [eidis2002]
  • AmelieLens [andreifrunza]
  •  Zoomer [z00mer]
  •  Apaz [apach3]
  •  Levi ([eviathan12]
  •  Sweg [swegiboi]
  •  Paco [duo1348]
  • DaBladee [leon2001]
  •  SweetGSF [sweetgsf]
  •  Swid! [barzaka18]
  • Ryzer [Ivo1234567]
  •  Model [ahmede12]
  •  Inosuke [Swagger10]
  • Maksim [cnegovik]
  • Wolfy [arturs112]
  •  Lief [liefjs]
  • Meelis [hyper1339]
  •  Kayo [whoskayo]
  •  Stroke [stroke2]
  • ReDBuLL [petrof02]
  • HeLLBuLL [hellbull]
  • Latinoo [carbon12]
  •  [gasper96]
  • YasQueen [Darkshark572]
  • Dunkelheit [666punk]
  • Leks.Soulja [mtashnik23]




alt text







alt text






Recruitment Status: Open


We have opened our recruitment. To join us you need to join our discord and request 420 role. Then apply with the format below.


Application format:

**Personal Information & Server Knowledge:**

**In-game name:**
**Account name:**
**Real name:**
**Why do you want to join us (min. 50 Words):**
**Why should we let you join us (min. 5 Sentences):**
**Have you been kicked/banned before from SAES:RPG:**
**Tell us about yourself (min. 50 Words):**
**State your previous organizations and the reasons for leaving them:**
**How long were you a Member in the Official G/S/C listed above?

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