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[SUGGESTION] Cop count for bankrobbery.



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It's either too many cops and 30 crims 20 of them are afk or few cops and 40 active crims in a turf. 

The whole idea of needing cops to start a BR is absurd, just let crims BR and give cops a purpose and a goal rather than giving them the upper hand over crims and blowing off the opportunity to simply BR. Simply let us BR whenever we want and cops can just call their whole team to stop it, we give them a challenge. 

It's not for sure crims started losing interest when cops were boosted by GM perks but it did definitely make a difference and instead of lowering success rate of BRs, you killed them, now it's more rare to BR than to GR. 

Don't let the last few players that are left on the server lose interest aswell. 

Tl;dr: let crims br whenever they want or bring it back to 10 mixed cops and squads even if crims spawn cops, it was more fun that way. 


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