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Vory v Zakone - Level 1 Application


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The Vory v Zakone (thieves in law), commonly referred to as 'The Russians' find their origins tracing back in the gulags during the Soviet era. Originally starting as prison gangs, they quickly became the hardcore of the Russian Mafia who don't back down from anything. It would seem that membership of the vory v zakone was viewed by members as an act of individual autonomy against an Oppressive, Collectivist and Totalitarian Soviet State. A criminal would serve years of an 'apprenticeship' before he could be commended by an existing vor. Once inaugurated, they would swear an oath of loyalty to the brotherhood. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the vory v zakone saw a potential in expanding into Los Santos. Dimitri Mandojev who was a known vor in Russia was appointed as Pakhan (boss) to make sure the vory v zakone would gain a foothold in the criminal underworld. Although the Russian name suggests that the vory v zakone is made out solely of Russians, it is very common for other ethnicities to become a part of the organization.





Current State






Originally working under the radar, the vory v zakone in comparison to other mafia type organizations are not afraid to retaliate on the law enforcement, hence their presence will be noted. Currently, the organization acquires their wealth by extortion and trafficking weapons, drugs and humans.









  • 1. Forsake your relatives--mother, father, brothers, sisters...
  • 2. Do Not have a family of your own -- no wife, no children; this does not however, preclude you from having a lover.
  • 3. Help other thieves -- both by moral and material support, utilizing the commune of thieves.
  • 4. Demand a convocation of inquiry for the purpose of resolving disputes in the event of a conflict between oneself and other thieves, or between thieves.
  • 5. If necessary, participate in such inquiries.
  • 6. Carry out the punishment of the offending thief as decided by the convocation.
  • 7. Have good command of the thieves' jargon ("Fehnay").
  • 8. Do not gamble without being able to cover losses.
  • 9. Do not lose your reasoning ability when using alcohol.
  • 10. Have nothing to do with the authorities, not participate in public activities, nor join any community organizations.
  • 11. Do not take weapons from the hands of authorities; nor serve in the military.








  • We thrive in the shadows. At no point should your individual actions escalate to such a point that it can reflect poorly upon the organization. If escalation is unavoidable, all loose ends should be tied.
  • We are a family. We look out for one another and protect one another.
  • Respect all members and the established hierarchy.
  • Vory v Zakone as a whole- its members, its secrets, its locations, its targets- are strictly confidential and should never be uttered to anyone outside of the family.
  • We do not start fights but we will finish them respectfully.










The higher ranked members of the vory v zakone express their wealth through wearing expensive clothing (such as suits and fedoras), expensive jewelry and high end cars. The lower ranked members are usually wearing leather jackets, adidas tracksuits and a flat cap. German and Russian cars belong to their daily vehicles as they can often be seen driving these, with the Stratum being the flagship of these. The black SUVs with tinted windows are meant to give as little information away about the occupants, while still showing their presence.



Within the vory v zakone there are 18 rules also known as the Vorovsky Zakon (the thieves' code), where every vor must live by. These rules are followed strictly and breaking these rules will lead to severe punishments, that could include being killed. A few notable rules are; cut ties with your family, never work legitimately, always make good on your promises to other thieves.



The bodies of these Russians tell their own stories. Black ink engraved in their skin hold meanings, which differ per location. The tattoos are an important aspect in the culture of the Russian criminal organizations. Traditions require the vory v zakone respected criminals to have eight pointed stars on their shoulder. These are usually applied during incarnation by a so-called 'kol'shchiki' (tattooist), who is held in high regard within the organization.





Future Goals




  • Become the main supplier and manufacturer of weapons throughout Los Santos and beyond.
  • Secure and maintain reliable relationships with other criminal organizations.
  • Purchase a few fronts to act as a cover for our operations
  • Obtain a warehouse and weapons workshop to facilitate our weapons manufacturing, selling and trafficking.
  • Gain control of the Commerce, Market and southern docks area of Los Santos.
  • Expand our control in other trades like human trafficking and protection racketeering.














The head of the organisation. He controls all the ranking members.







Watches over the Avtorityet to ensure successful operations and loyalty to the Pakhan.







The advisors and most trusted individuals to the Pakhan. These are the lowest high command within the organization.







Acts as a captain that provides the Boyeviks with tasks. Only low command rank within the organization.







Also known as the soldiers They perform the tasks asked to them by higher ranking members and is requested to provide newer Shestyorkas to the organization.



- BIKY -




The body guards of the organization. They make sure no one gets close to the Pakhan.



- VOR -




These are the people who have earned their position within the organization and accepted the vory v zakone code.







Hangarounds of the organization that have yet to prove themselves to the organization by fulfilling tasks given to them.









  • Date of Foundation: 12/12/2022
  • Organization Value: +300.000.000$
  • Organization Level: 0
  • Organization Panel: Vory_v_Zakone
  • Organization Colorcode: #34003C










If you wish to get closer information about our recruitment system, join our discord.

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