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Why i get banned?



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i get banned for 3 days for nothing.

i was criminal in las venturas then admin probalby curvly curvy idk was in car with his friend and saying to sit in his car. i was okey no problemo, then she troll me and want to drop me in the water but unfortunetly failed and i was laughing at him and his friend. WHEN after 5 minutes this admin and his friend drive to me again with swat lol and this swat i dont remember nickname start with K nvm. and this swat arrest me, like okey thats fine. after 300 seconds i was free WHEN this dogs again with trio in car chasing me like for 10 minutes, blocking me with cars, provoking bla bla. FOR LIKE 10 MINUTES. and then when i was 42 stars gangster see swat in car with curly and his friend chasing me i get shotgun and rip them all lol, i get banned for this 3 days??? like this guys helping swat cuz probalby friends on discord. so i kill him to stop, and i can be free.i think thats normal lol. and then after 1h i get banned for 3 days XD funny. what now? i want go get unbanned and maybe this admin get something like warn???

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