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Defense Intelligence Agency - Level 2 Application


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^[alt text^]
^[~[Longevity does not breed success. Success breeds Longevity]~(#54EAFE)]
alt text
-With the noticeable rise in the level of crime throughout San Andreas. Anti-criminal forces appear, and their role is important to protect citizens, and here the story began when the two young policemen decided to open the Defense Intelligence Agency.
-2021 "DIA" had to participate in the largest investigation operation in Los Santos in partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Special Intervention Forces. whose goal was to arrest the heads of the president's assassination squad. Which are clearly the leaders of the largest gangs in the city or perhaps terrorism , Which at the end of the case impressed everyone with their ability to arrest them and collect sufficient evidence against the accused and hand them over to a state , Unfortunately, after the Corona virus pandemic. The Defense Intelligence Agency has been closed indefinitely
-2022 After the return of the riots and the contraband trade, they had to return to the field again with new leadership and better members

alt text
The mission of Defense Intelligence Agency is to enhance international peace and security by supporting Member-States in conflict, post-conflict and other crisis situations. Its goal is to realize effective, efficient, representative, responsive and accountable police services that serve and protect the population. To that end, United Nations Police build and support or, where mandated, act as a substitute or partial substitute for host-State police capacity to prevent and detect crime, protect life and property and maintain public order and safety, in adherence to the rule of law and international human rights law.
1- Protect all property, enforce the law, and ensure the missions are successful.
2- Eliminate crime and arrest people who are guilty and break the law.
3- They have great experience in discovering the type of crime and combating it, and have sincerity and keenness to recover the rights of others.
4- The DIA serves simultaneously as the National Director for High-Tech Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) and as the Department of Defense's director of anti-spyware programs.

alt text
Squad Name : Defense Intelligence Agency
Squad Panel name : DIA
Squad Motto : ~[Longevity does not breed success. Success breeds Longevity]~(54EAFE)
Squad Color : #54EAFE
Squad Founders : Razak and Juky
Squad Founding Date : 2021/04/20 - 2022/07/06
Squad Balance : 30m
Squad Level : -1-
Squad Tag : DIA|Nick
Recruitment status : ~[OPEN]~(lime)
Squad Topic: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/32807/defense-intelligence-agency-topic
Squad Media Archive : https://saesrpg.uk/topic/32808/defense-intelligence-agency-media-archive?_=1657463151132
Squad Discord : https://discord.com/invite/bU7V28e979
alt text
1. Read The F1 Server Rules.
2 . Dont arrest players under 5 stars, the exceptions for this rule obviously include JB, SR, BR or if youre under attack.
3 . Do not arrest other police officers
4 . Do no camp at hospital
5 . Do not do Deathmatch Revenge Deathmatch Park Kill Spawn Kill Marker Kill Marker Arrest
6 . You can use prison warden spawn to respond JB
7. Don't chase someone without binds
8. Always speak English on main/team/squad chat
alt text

Leader ( L )
Vice Leader ( vL )
HeadQuarter ( HQ )
:italy: DIA|Zarc
Major First Class ( MFC )
:portugal: DIA|Exotic0
Major ( MAJ )
Lieutenant ( LT )
Sergeant ( SGT )
:morocco: DIA|Yoozy
:brazil: DIA|Samuel
Private ( PVT )
:poland: DIA|BIG_MOMA ~[INCACTIVE]~(red,red)
Recruit ( R )
DIA|fred ~[INACTIVE]~(red,red)
DIA|Amelia ~[INACTIVE]~(red,red)
Level 7
Leader ( L )

The Commander of the Squad, he is the founder or the leader of the Squad. The most authorized person in the Squad.

Level 6
Vice Leader ( vL )

Same role with the Leader, he is the right hand of the Leader, he must help stuff for his Leader.
Also he teachs some basic tactics to the Recruits or like that low ranks.

Level 5
HeadQuarter ( HQ )

HQ has to support to the Leader and Vice Leader, he is leading the Squad, You should not rulebreak if HQ is online or he will smash you!

Level 4
Major First Class ( MFC )

If you're proved yourself to us, then you can pass to this rank. This rank for experienced Squad members before passing to HQ. Its very hard to reach here, so you must be professional all time.

Level 4
Major ( MAJ )

That is a hard rank to reach here, if you came here then you're successfull player and officer. You're skilled and professional cop around. You must teach somethings to the Recruits and Privates.

Level 3
Lieutenant ( LT )

This is the rank for persons who has came to here from Sergeant rank, you're higher then a SGT now. But you still must keep working. Like our motto, "To Teach, Learn First"

Level 2
Sergeant ( SGT )

The Sergeant rank for skilled and experienced members in here. You must keep hard working.

Level 1
Private ( PVT )

Welcome to PVT rank, you're Private for now, you must keep hard working like when you're Recruit. You can teach somethings to the Recruits. You should not rulebreaks because you're level 1 and you must not show us bad.

Level 0
Recruit ( R )

alt text
*Application format:

**Part I**
**Real name :**
**Username :**
**In game name :**
**Age :**
**Nationality :**
***PART II***
**How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG?**
**Have you ever been banned or adminjailed before? If so, why?**
**Please list your previous squad/gang history:**
**How many hours do you have in-game?**
**RP Skills:**
**Driving Skills:**
**English Skills:**
**Explain Roleplay(RP) Means:**
**Explain Deathmatch(DM) Means:**
**Explain Marker Arrest Mean:***

alt text
~[ACCEPTED:]~(lime,lime,lime) You have been accepted by the squad , Now, you have to find a HQ in-game in order to receive your in-game tests. Good luck!
alt text
~[PENDING :]~(orange,orange) You are placed on pending, either to take the tests or to provide additional information.
alt text

~[DENIED :]~(red,red,red) That means your application don't fit the necessary requirements or not skilled enough to join our squad.

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