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[Suggestion] Buy-In Races



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Add a feature/menu in the game which allows players to select an already existing racing point on the server, where they then can add a entry fee of whatever amount where the winner takes it all.

This would add a new form of competitive gameplay, where confident racers on the server can race against eachother and earn bigger amount of money besides LWS events.

Although, should this only be available for ''raceTech'' members to start theese new races, or should it be allowed for all criminals?

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So instead of utilizing that racetrack at top of map which has been ghost town lately, you want to utilize existing race maps. Not a bad suggestion, there could be a small shop in each city and county where you can select the map from an available list and set minimum player requirement.
For example, you went into shop, selected a race map, then u chose number of participants required to start race (min. 2). After that a large marker similar to current race appears at starting point and once the participants requirement is met, the race starts.
Apart from that, the GUI can include the bet money which the winner can get. There could be a system to take money from each participant equally when the race starts and give it to the winner once the race ends.

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