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Mara Salvatrucha 13 [LEVEL 1 APPLICATION]


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^[alt text]

^["A bullet changes a lot in your head, even if it hits in the ass."]

^["Never forget, never forgive. ~Mara Salvatrucha 13"]

^[alt text]

Gang Level: 0
Total Members: 23
Panel Name: Mara~Salvatrucha~13
Gang Money: ~[$80.000.000+]~(lime)
Current Base Location: LS El Corona Street
Gang Tags: MS13|Nick
Helper Tags R13|Nick
Color Code: #FFAA08
Day of Foundation: 21st of June 2022
Gang Motto: "Never forget, never forgive ~ Mara Salvatrucha 13"
Gang Bind: LocalChat #FFAA08 "Never forget, never forgive ~ Mara Salvatrucha 13"

^[alt text]

^[MS13 Hood]
^[[s=]alt text[/s]
^[MS13 Sumo Warehouse]
^[[s=]alt text[/s]
^[MS13 Warehouse]
^[[s=]alt text[/s]]
^[MS13 Kakagawa Warehouse]
^[[s=]alt text[/s]]
^[MS13 Meeting Bar]
^[[s=]alt text[/s]]
^[MS13 Meeting Restourant]
^[[s=]alt text[/s]]
^[MS13 Hideout]
^[[s=]alt text[/s]]
^[MS13 Money Loundering Store]
^[[s=]alt text[/s]]
^[MS13 Tattoo Studio]
^[[s=]alt text[/s]]
^[MS13 Storage of Weed Farm]
^[[s=]alt text[/s]]
^[MS13 Weed Farm]
^[[s=]alt text[/s]

^[alt text]

^[@The-Company, ~[friendship and partnership established]~(lime).]
^[@Arms-Assassins , ~[friendship established]~(lime).]
^[@Cartel-de-Medelln , ~[friendship established]~(lime).]

^[alt text]


^[alt text]

Leader- Level 10
Vice & Sub Leader- Level 9
Executives- Level 8
High Councils- Level 7
Coordinator- Level 6
Trusted- Level 5
Respected- Level 4
Street Regent- Level 3
Street Regent- Level 2
Street Soilder- Level 1
Street Soilder- Level 0

^[LAST UPDATE ON 26/06/2022]

alt text


If you are interested in joining MS-13, check the requirements down below and if you fit them all you can check application format and post your application.

What we want from you ~[(Requiements)]~(red):
-Be as mature as possible.
-Have some experience.
-Be responsible.
-Understandable English or a mate in our gang who can translate for u.
-You have to know the rules (F1).
-To join our discord server, PRESS HERE.

^[ ~[ APPLICATION FORMAT]~(black) ]

- **Real name:**
- **Ingame name:**
- **Age:**
- **Gender:**
- **Nationality:**
- **Rate your English ( ?/10 ):**
- **Native language:**
- **Other languages:**
- **What is your strength:**
- **What is your weakness:**


- **When did you start playing SAES/MTA?:**
- **How many hours did u spent in game?:**
- **Approx gameplay daily (hours):**
- **Previous organizations and reasons of leaving:**


- **Why do you wish to join MS13 over other gangs?:**
- **Why should we accept you?:**
- **What does mean DM?:**
- **Do you have something to add?:**
- **Who recommended you to apply for us?:**

^[ ~[POSSIBLE ANSWERS]~(black) ]
~[Accepted]~(lime) - Your application looks pretty good, MS13 HQs waiting for you, get ready for your test.
~[Pending]~(orange) - Your application looks pretty good, hang around with our members with our helper / wannabe tag.
~[Denied]~(red) - Your application does not looks pretty good. Our HQ team thinks you are not material for our gang. If you are still interesed in joining you can post you application after 10 days again!

^[alt text]

~MS13 Main Role:

Drugs and Arms Dealing.

We have best drug cooks who are doing their job perfectly with experience.
Especially methamphetamine, we are specialists in cooking and trading.
Our drugs are of the highest quality.
We make pure methamphetamine and other types of drugs.
We also sell extasy, weed, speed, heroin and many other types of drugs.
We have people who are professional in making guns, they have blueprints of all gun types.
Our dealers have much experience in selling stuff,
such as cold weapons (melee), handguns (pistols), automatic rifles and snipers.
We are professionals in trading weapons.
Our weapons are the highest quality weapons and have great prices.
Our Hitmans do everything with a lot of planning and calculation.
We also do contract-killing people, which means we will take money to kill someone.
If someone messes with us; we will kill him.
We also kill Cops, Civilians, and Criminals too, Anyone who gets in our way.
Every MS13 member can handle any type of weapon and they also can kill anyone in cold blood.

Secondary Roles:

Kidnapping a target to make blackmails; we will kill people if their family/boss doesnt give us the money we asked for.
Kidnappers in our gang sometimes just want to know some secret information about other Organizations.
We force the person we kidnapped to say everything we need to know by torturing a target.
We often kiddnap people for hostages in robberies.

We like to make robberies. We most often rob Stores, Banks, Gold and Jewerly stores.
When we spend our money on prostitues, drugs for own use and rare cars, we rob banks because there we can get big amounts of money.
First, we get all the information we need to know about a place we're going to rob.
All information we need is the number of security members, cameras & passwords of bank safe room doors.
We get all information by kidnapping a Boss of bank.

We are professionals in stealing and Driving cars.
We steal cars without leaving any clues.
We sell the stolen cars for the normal price.

Hostage Abusing:
Hostages are needed for criminal activites.
Our Hostages are most often the people who we kidnapped.
We kidnap people and then we use them as hostages at criminal activities.
We often sell hostages to other gangs for their criminal activities for money.
Police officers are scared for lives of the hostages so if they try to raid us while we rob a bank we will kill the hostages.
When we want to escape we take the hostages with us so officers will not follow us, in case they do that, we will kill hostages.

Transporting & Bodyguarding:
Our transporters transport our important people.
We have best transporters and body guards.
Our transporters transport only members who are important for business.
Bodyguards are always in a car with important people and they always have handguns with them.
Transporters transport "turfers" ( members who kill enemy dealers at our turfs ) .

^[alt text]

The Mara Salvatrucha gang originated in Los Angeles, set up in the 1980s by Salvadoran immigrants in the city's Pico-Union neighborhood who immigrated to the United States after the Central American civil wars of the 1980s.
Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Salvadoran asylum seekers were refused asylum in the U.S. and instead classified as undocumented immigrants.
As such, Salvadorans began to immigrate without documents in increasing numbers.
They mostly settled in cities with large undocumented populations, like Los Angeles.
Salvadoran asylum claims were neglected until the 1991 case American Baptist Churches v. Thornburgh.
The case's settlement agreement required Guatemalan and Salvadoran asylum claims to be reevaluated, as long as they had entered the U.S. by 1990.
By this point, the civil war was already drawing to a close after more than a decade of fighting.
Before ABC v. Thornburg and even after, Salvadoran immigrants were left highly vulnerable to exploitation.
In the very beginning, MS-13 was a group of young, delinquent, heavy metal fans who lived in Los Angeles.
However, the undocumented community in Los Angeles was subject to severe racial prejudices and persecution.
Under these conditions, MS-13 began to mutate into a gang.
Originally, the gang's main purpose was to protect Salvadoran immigrants from the other, more established gangs of Los Angeles, who were predominantly composed of Mexicans, Asians, and African-Americans.
Some of the original members of the MS-13 adhered to Satanism, and while the majority of contemporary MS-13 members do not identify as Satanists, the Satanist influence is still seen in some of their symbolism.


The gang became a more traditional criminal organization under the auspices of Ernesto Deras.
On gaining leadership of an MS-13 clique in 1990, he used his military training to discipline the gang and improve its logistical operations.
It was after this point that the gang began to grow in power.
MS-13's rivalry with the 18th Street Gang also began in this period.
MS-13 and 18th Street were initially friendly, since they were some of the only gangs to allow Salvadorans to join.
What exactly caused their alliance to fall apart is uncertain.
Most versions point to a fight over a girl in 1989.
In the incident, an MS-13 gangster was killed, which led to a cycle of vengeance that has escalated into an intense and generalized animosity between the two gangs.


Many MS-13 gang members from the Los Angeles area have been deported after being arrested.
For example, Jose Abrego, a high-ranking member, was deported four times.
As a result of these deportations, members of MS-13 have recruited more members in their home countries.
The Los Angeles Times contends that deportation policies have contributed to the size and influence of the gang both in the United States and in Central America.
There was no significant gang activity in El Salvador until after MS-13 gangsters were deported there from Los Angeles.
Large-scale deportations began shortly after the close of the Salvadoran Civil War in 1992.
They knew who to arrest since most of Mara Salvatrucha 13 members were having tattoos on upper body and face.

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