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Royal Flush | Level 5 Application


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You could hear the 634 horse-powered engine roar as Sven fired up the engine of his newly polished Cheetah. Sven was confident. He turned his head and looked into the eyes of his opponent. He looked frightened. Frightened to lose both the race and his car. You could see sweat starting to appear on his forehead and his body almost shaking of stress. It was just 2/4 miles. Just them and their cars. As the flag waved you could hear tires screaming, and for the next seconds Sven shut out everything. Him and his car became one..

"You freakin smoked him bro!", Tammy shouted in ecstasy. Simultaneously a loud gunfire and screams were heard behind them. Sven turned quickly to his car and opened the drawer where he usually kept his deagle. Nothing there. The guy he just beat in the race came running towards them with his gun held high, and as he approached Sven he pressed his gun roughly into his forehead. Sven could sense the adrenaline pumping through his veins by looking at his face and hearing his rapid breathing. You could see his left hand twitching, like he was about to do something stupid. "Don't you dare steal my car and respect like that! ", he screamed in frustration. At this moment Sven could have done something to defend himself, however he knew better and stayed calm. "I do understand your feelings. I was once where you are now", Sven said and breathed calmly. He took his gun away from Sven's forehead and lowered it.

It all started when I decided to start a company with my brother Tammy. Our father passed away in 2010, and because of that we both got some heritage. This heritage gave us the opportunity to start a new life. To do what we always had dreamed about. To start a business. Both of us were good at talking, discussing and making good deals. And both of us loved cars, wealth and properties. So the decision was easy. We wanted to build a brand selling both cars, properties and luxurious items. To build such a brand we needed a name that was catchy. A name that represented what we wanted to achieve. That day Royal Flush was made. The reason we chose that name was because poker and casinos represent wealth, and Royal Flush is the strongest hand there is. And that's what we wanted. To be the strongest and wealthiest company around.
The coming weeks we started our investing. Firstly a large property and secondly cars and luxurious items. We could not complain at all. We were lucky and had success from the very beginning. With the profits we made after the first 2 months, we bought some high end properties for us to sell as well. People from far and wide came with enquiries. However when the company was at its finest we got greedy. Our goal of becoming one of the wealthiest companies was complete. So we started to chase more success, profit and excitement. Firstly it started with racing where me and Tammy competed with each other. Trying to be the best at driving one specific route that we made outside of the company's property. After practicing for a month we decided to participate in an illegal race. And I chose to drive the most expensive car we had. And guess what happened? I lost! The car was gone. A lot of our profit washed away.. For nothing.. But my point is. We didn't give up after that. We went back to practice. Every single day me and Tammy competed. And with practise comes improvement. Not long after we were winning race after race. And suddenly we had doubled the amount of money that we once lost. All the racing then led to carjacking and robberies, and the cars we jacked and the goods we stole were then resold through our company. This made the income rise immensely.
The stories of Royal Flush started to flourish, and criminals saw the value in having good drivers for their own robberies or whenever they needed transportation. Suddenly there was not just enquiries from rich people wanting to buy luxurious merchandise, cars and properties. Now criminals wanted our service too. And here we stand. Wealthier than ever. More successful than ever. Legends of crime and Legends of business. On the top of the world. So..Listen what I want you to remember is If you want to become great, you need to believe in greatness.. And if you want to become a legend. Be a LEGEND.

As Sven finished his speech, the racer was a bit calmer, so Tammy took his chance and grabbed the racers arm and pushed it firmly behind his back. Hand the keys over now, Sven said calmly. Without saying a word, the racer handed his keys over slowly. Sven nodded back, turned around and walked slowly towards his car. Tammy, are you coming? We have work to do. We gotta go and get a buyer for this car.

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^[Discord: https://discord.gg/An2bH6SsBH]
^[Gang Panel: Royal_Flush]
^[Gang Colour: #E0A2A2 - Rose Gold]
^[Motto: If you want to become a legend, be a LEGEND.]
^[Date of foundation: 21.February.2021]
^[Level: 4]

^[Leading roles:]
^[Founder: @Nevs]
^[Co-founder: @Thamond ]

^[King: @Villain]
^[Duke: @ShadowSpare ]
^[Count: ]
^[Viscount: @SharkY @JukyPlatinium ]

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This is where Royal Flush gets most of their high end business done. The building has several offices for the sales, advertisement, diplomacy and HQ departments. Only the best of the best get to be here. Beneath all the offices there is located a garage where vehicles are stored, in addition to a warehouse. Outside you can find grape plants and a huge stage. The stage is used for internal and external parties, while the grape plants are being harvested and used for our high end wines. The whole area is highly secure with hidden cameras and alarms. Its almost like you can smell wealth and luxury.

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^[Royal Flush Villa]

The Royal Flush Villa is where you can find Royal Flush members gather when they have a day off. The building has a beautiful view for everyone to enjoy. There is no better place for a barbeque. Inside there are a huge living space which includes everything from a kitchen and a bar to a swimming pool. It also contains a studio where business partners can come and try out high fidelity sounds equipment, before they proceed to invest.
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^[Royal Flush Winery]
The Royal Flush Winery is where most of our mass produced wine is being stored and produced. There is no wonder why Royal Flush`s wine is one of the most respectable brands on the market by looking at the facilities and materials being used.
alt text

^[Warehouse at the docks]

Sometimes there is need for importing goods from other cities or countries. Some of these deliveries can not be transported by plane nor trucks because of the destination of departure and the size of the goods. To cope with that, Royal Flush uses this warehouse for cargo ship deliveries, and deliveries by sea in general. It is also a great place to store boast or yachts, especially the jacked ones.
alt text

^[Royal Flush external offices and warehouse]

A company with respect for itself does have external offices and warehouses. As Royal Flush kept growing as a company, we saw the need to expand our capacities, and therefore decided to invest. Most of our regular employees from the sales- and development department work here.
alt text

^[Hideout for jacked cars]
When Royal Flush have been out jacking cars, it is important to have somewhere safe to park them while cooling down from the cops. Usually the cars are driven to this place, where the cars get slightly modified. One of the procedures is for instance swapping the licence plate. After a couple of days, the cars will be transported to the Royal Flush base - where they are being sold.
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Royal Flush started off as a legal billion dollar company, and still maintains this business to this day. When we are under the radar we tend to sell goods, cars, and properties. All of them with a luxurious standard. No mediocrity or cheap products find their way into our business.

- Vehicles: Sports cars, luxurious cars, race cars, old cars, cars for collections, yachts.
- Properties: Mostly high end properties or businesses that give us a good profit.
- Goods: Weapons for collections, jewelry, watches, wine, high fidelity sound equipment, designer furniture, merchandise.

Criminal business
As Royal Flush emerged as a gang, certain criminal acts were prioritized to enhance Royal Flush's income.

- Jacking vehicles: Jacking luxurious high end vehicles, changing their licence plates and reselling them.
- Robbing properties: Robbing properties for luxurious goods.
- Robbing ongoing deliveries: Intercepting deliveries and bringing the goods back to our warehouse.
- Pickpocket: Stealing watches, jewelry and luxury items from peoples pockets, wrists, bags, wallets and purses. Often when hosting house displays or parties.
Black market: Selling high end spiked beverages and custom non-registered weapons.

Every member of Royal Flush loves to take their car for a spin. Whether it is racing or drifting. Within the gang there is shown huge respect to the ones who can drive the fastest. In addition the perceived competence among the members is sky high, which means none of us will be afraid to challenge others for a race.

- Illegal public races
We race others not only for respect, but sometimes for profit. In addition to respect, winning a race could also give you fine prices. Especially if there is betting involved!

- Private gang races
To practice and figure out who is the best driver within the gang, Royal Flush arranges both practices and racing tournaments.

Close to our office buildings in San Fierro we have made our own route, where gang-tournaments will be arranged, and where you can challenge your fellow members.

In the spoiler you can see a map and video of how the track works. Lastly a picture of where we usually practice drifting.

[s=]Tournament racetrack (2 laps, 1v1);

Car 1
1 lap: Red and orange circuit.
2 lap: Yellow and orange circuit.

Car 2 (opposite)
1 lap: Yellow and orange circuit.
2 lap: Red and orange circuit.

alt text

This is where we usually practice drifting, but also where we land our shamal when flying VIPs to our offices.
alt text

Transportation services

As Royal Flush members are racers by heart, you can rent us as either escape vehicles or for VIP transportation.

VIP transportation: We offer a highly luxurious transportation with great service and security. Champagne and wine are just one of the few things you get by choosing us as your transportation. We will pick you up and bring you safely to your location, and guard outside until you want us to drive you back.

Escape vehicle: Just let us know when and where shit is going down. We don't care about what you are up to. Our job is only to get you out of there safely, which you can rely on. Stuck in jail, hunted by assasins, chased by the cops or getting away from a crime scene... We got you covered!

alt text

After having a lot of enquiries regarding transportation services "The Golden Circle" was created. Its purpose is to provide a ranking system of our drivers, so that clients easily can pick drivers with a skill-level suitable to their needs.

The members of Royal Flush and their rankings in The Golden Circle will constantly be changing as everyone's performances decide whether they rank up or down.Therefore the ranking system always shows the current best drivers, which enhances the clients chances of always getting a competent driver. In addition this system gives motivation for the Royal Flush members to push boundaries and always improve themselves.

^[The Golden Circle]

^[4. Kalviin]
^[5. Shadow]
^[6. Satellite]
^[7. Sharky]
^[8. Kden]
^[9. Jizzy]
^[10. Cara]
-Updated 26.06.22

The ranks are decided by the drivers perfomances in The Golden Circle tournaments, and through 1v1 challenges.

How does 1v1 challenges work?

  • We race on our 1v1 racetrack.

  • The races are best out of 3.

  • You can challange a racer whenever you like, but only ones a day.

  • To rank up you have to beat a player that has a higher rank than you.

  • To rank down you have to lose against someone with a lower rank than you.

  • The #1 has to race atleast ones every 10 days to maintain his position.

  • If you have been inactive for 14 days or more, you will be demoted from The Golden Circle.

  • In order to do a official race you need to be 3 people (2 racers and 1 witness/judge).

  • When the race has ended, send the scoreline and a picture of the 3 of you at the racetrack to @Nevs or @Thamond.

alt text


Escape vehicle:
^[Unranked driver: 1.500$]

^[Ranked driver (10th to 6th): 2.000$]

^[Top Tier driver (5th to 1st): 3.000$]

^[Escape from jail: 42.000$]

^[Unranked driver: 7.5% of the cut]

^[Ranked driver (6th to 10th): 15% of the cut]

^[Top tier driver (5th to 1st): 25% of the cut]

VIP transportation all inclusive

  • Includes guards and on board services.

^[Unranked driver: 1.500$]

^[Ranked driver (10th to 6th) - 2.250$]

^[Top tier driver (5th to 1st): 3.000$]

VIP transportation

  • No extra services included

^[Unranked driver: 500$]

^[Ranked driver (10th to 6th): 750$]

^[Top tier driver (5th to 1st): 1.000$]

alt text

alt text

^[As a Royal Flush member it is required to suit up for the right occasion.]
^[As we are businessmen by day and racers by night, we have skins that fit both of those roles.]

alt text
^[Founder [lvl 10]]
^[The brain and creator behind it all.]


Nevs [svennivenni] - :norway:

^[Co - Founder]

Thamond [tubbycakes] - :norway:

^[King (L) [lvl 9]]
^[The one in charge, and with the executive responsibility for the gang.]


Villain [psytic] - :mauritius:

^[Prince (vL) [lvl 8]]
^[The leader's right hand.]


Shadow [shadowspare] - :algeria:

^[Duke (HQ) [lvl 7]]
^[The very important helpers for the King and Duke. They have the same perks as the King and Duke, and is often deligated important tasks]


^[Count (sHQ) [lvl 6]]
^[The Counts assistents. Viscounts gets some perks within the gang, and has huge influence on its decisions.]


JukyPlatinium [jukyplatinium] - :algeria:

^[Viscount (pHQ) [lvl 5]]
^[The up and coming HQs whos still on probation.]


SharkY [kusgeci6969] - :germany:

^[Nobleman [lvl 4]]
^[A highly respected member who can deal with every situation, and lead certain activities.]

kden [jonasviggo10] - :sweden:
satellite [yeety] - :serbia:
DAX [denzeldiaz1231] - :philippines:

^[Baron [lvl 3]]
^[A respected member who has dedicated a lot of time, and proven he is pure quality.]


DonTry2RuN [zezozezo1338] - :egypt:
GamerZ [gamerz450] - :germany:
Kalviin [kalviin] - :switzerland:
Helene [hhk269] - :norway:
RandomDude25 [jacklaguna] - :russia:
Jizzy [eliran25802] - :israel:

^[Gentleman [lvl 2]]
^[A member who has shown loyalty and compassion for the gang.]


Carazxcvbnm [elexux1] - :philippines:
SweeTy! [skouda06] - :algeria:

^[Guard [lvl 1]]
^[A member that has earned the gang's trust.]


Asep [nawaliygy] - :indonesia:
kanox [valgitin] - :dominican_republic:
Elgen [elgen] - :norway:
Khole [khole] - :indonesia:
Mintseeker [mintseeker3142] - :india:
XGamerX [xgamerx177] - :dominican_republic:
Dax [xdax7] - :algeria:
Goofie [viesturss] - :latvia:
sohayb [zouka04] - :algeria:
Nabetze [thejohnlol] - :mexico:
naid [naid666] - :sweden:

sidou [sidahmaddz] - :algeria:
Stefan [andronel] - :romania:
Spider [kaka02] - :algeria:

xPesho [pe6koba4kadosta8] - :bulgaria:
zeel [tacher] - :russia:
Lopez [redtiger026] - :canada:
Guzman [guzman0009] - :philippines:
boody [abdoabdo] - :egypt:
Axel [axelcancer] - :philippines:
Ahamani4PF [ahamani4pf] - :jamaica:
Godmom [docmandingo] - :russia:
RandomDude31 [imivan] - :russia:
Aesthetict [mortalsupreme] - :indonesia:
lazar [kingfeur] - :pakistan:

^[Apprentice [lvl 0]]
^[A newly added member who still needs to prove himself worthy.]


SilentZ [hamoucha08] - :algeria:
Rezzy [rezzybg] - :bulgaria:
Vanquis [vanquisx] - :argentina:
animeman112 [animeman112] - :germany:
Yoke [yoke123456] - :philippines:
Snake [anissou] - :algeria:
Naveed [naveednz] - :england:
Tweex [cvn87] - :algeria:
Zarc [zarc] - :italy:
Claude [o6plays] - :egypt:
Dark [barck] - :algeria:
Frank6Tomas [frank7tomas] - :peru:
Razak [isis02] - :algeria:
Pizzabot [pizzabot] - :slovenia:
Tevz [tevz] - :slovenia:
Yusuf9 [yusuf9] - :indonesia:
St0kke [st0kke] - :india:
remp [jax01] - :algeria:
Vetal [dozzer] - :ukraine:
Planokur0420 [theilya061] - :ukraine:
RoMmba [youssefess1] - :tunisia:
Morphine [lazykamran] - :pakistan:
Abuser [deadeye0] - :egypt:
Lobo_K7 [noork] - :england:
dino [dinokiller] - :germany:
WHOisCHEMIK [meelady] - :ukraine:
Sasuke [furkankdf] - :globe_showing_europe-africa:
boeboe [marsheyjeee] - :philippines:
L!on [mimou06] - :algeria:
Maiznieks [gliemezis] - :latvia:
Lonewolf [wnkemils] - :latvia:
Murtaza [princemj] - :india:
Dazz [dazz69] - :netherlands:
pingvin [dimaaye] - :russia:
Zulox [pazko] - :germany:
Gimix [ellox] - :croatia:
sergio [asis5528] - :nepal:
Seth [usamali] - :pakistan:
Hannibal [hannibai] - :brazil:
Shinikami [shinikami] - :mauritius:
Papi [papiii] - :tunisia:
Wolfie [wolfie168] - :vietnam:
Zhroj [zhroj69] - :georgia:
iceblues [iceblues59] - :france:

Remus [monuvijay] - :india:
NWM [potato1215] - :sweden:
JeffTheNotepad [jefferythenotepad] - :england:
Zombiie [sanandreasbutcher] - :egypt:
Sh0ck [sh0ckv] - :sri_lanka:
Display [displayisbad] - :united_states:
Dom [andrew0507] - :philippines:
Brian [aeson] - :philippines:
Qwerty [qwertyjosh] - :philippines:
Gramps [octorob] - :iceland:
Yeelly [yeelly] - :georgia:
Dapper [dappericelander] - :iceland:
biodude [biodude1122] - :sweden:
naid [naidas123] - :sweden:
Deo [smhdeo] - :globe_showing_europe-africa:
gamezone05 [gamezone05] - :hungary:
Fenasi [fenasikerim] - :germany:
Noel [tunak4] - :switzerland:
Tavirusnaka [tavirusnaka] - :bulgaria:
Snailbob [mrsnailington] - :georgia:

^[A person who is being evaluated and considered as a future member.]


alt text

^[Note: Every official member has a vote. Everyone is supposed to be heard. Furthermore everyone has the chance to get more responsibilities and challanges if they want, and show that they have the qualities required.]

alt text

^[A person who has invested in the gang, either economically or by helping Royal Flush reach higher levels.]

^[@Judyes ]
^[@Vynee ]

alt text

^[It is important for us that every member plays by the rules. This will make the experice better for both yourself, your collegues and the server in general.]

^[If you want to be a part of Royal Flush we strongly emphasize the importance of familiarising yourself with the server rules that you can find ingame by pressing "F1".]

alt text

In addition we want you to follow the listed rules below.

  • Be respectful toward all members

  • Do to them whatever you want them to do to you.

  • Listen to the HQ.

  • Use the skins that represent our gang as much as you can while spawned as a criminal

  • Use English whenever members that don't speak your native language are around.

  • Use your common sense.

  • Don't spam in any chat.

  • If assisting a gang in turfs, change your tags to RF|Name|Gang-H

  • Don't use RF tags when you spawn as a cop.

  • Try to be on a couple of times a week, and make sure to give the HQ a heads up if you are going inactive.

alt text
^[Allies: In discussion]

^[Enemies: None]

alt text


alt text
alt text

alt text
alt text

alt text

Spoiler Text

alt text

alt text

Royal Flush does not accept mediocrity. It is important for us that you believe in yourself and that there always is room for improvement. We want members that can help the gang reach the highest level, and be a part of its development. And most importantly our members should positively influence the great unity that we want to create within the gang and the server in general.

The most important attributes we are looking for are:

  • English proficiency

  • Team spirit

  • A positive mindset

  • Maturity

  • Obedience

  • Professionalism

Our main focus is NOT on your current skill-level in the game. If you have the attributes mentioned above, your skills will develop eventually. Personality and mindset is key!

alt text

^[Applying is easy:]

  1. Join our discord server.

  2. Press "apply-here".

  3. Write: "ea!apply RF".

  4. Answer the questions.

If you have any questions send me, @Villain or @Thamond a personal message!

We are looking forward to hear from YOU!

alt text

^[I applied - what happens now?]
When you have applied, the HQ team will have a look at your application. In the meantime, you can wear RF-H tags, and hang with us. This way we get to know you better. What impression you make affects your chances of being accepted.

After we have read through your application, and gotten to know you ingame - we will determine wether you are denied, pending, need a test to prove yourself, or accepted.

alt text

~[Accepted:]~(lime) Congratulations, you are accepted! - Contact a Leader or HQ ingame, and you will be invited to Royal Flush.

~[Test:]~(yellow) You have impressed us, and we believe you have the qualitites needed. To make sure we are not mistaken - you will receive a test. If you pass the test you will be accepted. If you fail you will be pending or denied, depending on your results.

~[Pending:]~(orange) There are some aspects that needs some improvement before we can accept you as a full member. We still believe in your potential, and want to hang out more. We are here to help you improve. Keep wearing RF-H/Name\ tags and hang with us.

~[Denied:]~(red) Your application was not good enough yet. You can apply again after x week(s). We have not given up on you, so we hope to hear from you soon!

alt text

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