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Ghost~Triad | Level 4 Application


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  • Gang Tags: [G~T]Name<Rank>

  • Gang Name: Ghost Triad

  • Gang Founders: Beauty - nCov - Sharlock - Lou - DIZCI

  • Gang Alliance: -

  • Gang Level: 3

  • Gang Color Code: #732e3e

  • Gang Motto: ''We count you out before you figure us out''

  • Gang Creation Date: 28/10/2021

  • Gang Money: ~[130.000.000]~(lime,lime,lime)

  • Gang Media Archieve topic: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/29524/ghost-triad-media-archive/5

  • Gang Discord Server: https://discord.gg/wWR5hPbPYt

  • Recruitment status : ~[OPEN]~(green,green)

alt text

Dragon Head ~ Level 10

Beauty (~[tugberk043]~(lime))

Dragon Eye ~ Level 9

nCov (~[orkunzeytun623]~(lime))

Operations Officer ~ Level 8

Alone (~[alone1]~(lime))
Lou (~[ArdaToy1]~(lime))

Operations Officer Assistant ~ Level 7

DIZCI (~[dizci]~(lime))
:russia: Dalb (~[Dalboeb]~(lime))

Respected ~ Level 6

xPaw (~[legenda171]~(lime))
Sharlock (~[sharlock]~(lime))
Rondaw (~[league1]~(lime))

White Paper Fan ~ Level 5

Formula (~[formula]~(lime))
Jean (~[jean75002]~(lime))
Lionel (~[touto92615]~(lime))

Incense Master ~ Level 4

Stou (~[naderEA]~(lime))
Khalikulov (~[Bekzod]~(lime))
Lisner (~[moha00]~(lime))
Zerdust (~[zerdust]~(lime))
Merkazo (~[merkazo]~(lime))
:russia: Energizer (~[goplit]~(lime))
GhasseN (~[ghassen12]~(lime))
:russia: Phoenix (~[ainur998]~(lime))
:russia: Shikamaru (~[maksim120]~(lime))

Trusted Gangster ~ Level 3

Pacino (~[pacano]~(red))
Soulfly (~[kaptan44]~(lime))
Joe (~[ahmed1don]~(lime))
Witti (~[witti]~(lime))
Timmo (~[esrolo]~(lime))
Blaze (~[anxhelo00]~(lime))

Teenage Gangster ~ Level 2

2Pac (~[f0]~(red))
Dracula (~[sametdracula]~(red))
Tomaz (~[tomaz96]~(red))
MEMATIBAS (~[yassoo]~(red))
Wopsie (~[kebczenko]~(lime))
Camurai (~[Camurai]~(lime))
Ugabuga (~[ugabuga]~(lime))
Mr.Dokur (~[mrdokur]~(lime))
Ishould (~[yacine02]~(lime))
Muller (~[marwan04]~(lime))
Aizaaz (~[lazyaizaaz]~(lime))
Show (~[daniel2402]~(lime))
Shamo (~[shamoreg]~(lime))
LiTco (~[teapio]~(lime))

Street Fighter ~ Level 1

Anastasia (~[anastasia01]~(red))
Kaper (~[drzekis]~(red))
Vargas (~[parlak36]~(red))
Magicextaxy (~[parsyunus]~(red))
Clesto (~[clesto]~(red))
Tion (~[egeklcars60]~(red))
Freezoom (~[maxismuz4141]~(red))
Boris69 (~[BorisTNT]~(red))
^Devt (~[Noize]~(red))
Don (~[ahmed115]~(red))
Tony (~[lazytony]~(red))
Mahad (~[lazymahad69]~(lime))
Solemare (~[solemare]~(lime))
timona (~[marwan04]~(lime))
harold (~[harold420]~(lime))
Slurp (~[vigge0468]~(lime))
minispjuffy (~[benja56]~(lime))
dabz (~[dabzz2002]~(lime))
masterboom (~[masterboom]~(lime))
Jean (~[caimpolitetapir47]~(lime))
Pticoff (~[bedrok123]~(lime))
Brondy (~[joseluisao123]~(lime))
Flooki (~[toumix]~(lime))

Probation ~ Level 0

Davut (~[davudgames]~(red))
Uzi (~[omer6161]~(red))
Teko (~[tekinn1905]~(red))
Asmodeus (~[rafinandra]~(red))
YouCantUse (~[arsen1ahh]~(red))
Rasidel (~[rasidel]~(red))
SKOST (~[skostout]~(red))
Ofli (~[karaejder61]~(red))
Boch666 (~[zikoo123]~(red))
haxz (~[hazexxx]~(red))
SAINT (~[Shohjahon]~(lime))
2PacShakuR (~[sickjacken]~(lime))
Squi (~[cptvhisper]~(lime))
Melkor (~[pekerx]~(lime))
Aizak (~[alifurkanp]~(lime))

Total Members 92

~[Active Count]~(lime): 61
~[Inactive Count]~(red): 31
alt text

alt text


The Ghost Triad was born a street gang formed in the early 1980s. They have fought other street gangs since the gang's inception. Meanwhile, drugs and illegal alcohol were sold all over the country. With the money earned from drugs and alcohol, new weapons, bullets and raw materials were purchased. Ghost Triad continued its system in this way until 1988.


The Chinese government has undertaken numerous operations this year to catch criminals roaming the streets. That's why the gang has cut back on alcohol and drug sales this year. This road gang went downhill during this period. They started to lose the wars they entered with other street gangs. The gang gave away a few streets they had captured during this period to rival gangs. Thousands of gang members were caught because of the pressure of the police. With the death of the gang's founder, Shi Zhang, in November 1988, the gang had its most difficult year.


This year, the places where the Ghost Triad gang produced drugs and illegal alcohol were raided by the police. Significant names of the gang were captured or killed. Only about 200 gang members remained. The gang members knew that they could no longer survive in China.


In 1991, important members of the gang were planning to flee China illegally. Preparations for this have begun. They planned to leave with the few kilos of drugs and guns in their possession. In September 1991, they went to an airport in Bone Country. From there, they went to Chinatown in San Fierro by trucks. They continued to sell drugs here. It soon became one of the largest gangs in San Fierro. Their biggest rivals were the San Fierro Rifa gang. San Fierro Rifa was the biggest drug gang here. That's why he didn't want the Ghost Triad to get stronger.
That's why they were killing all the Triad members they saw on the streets. It was invaluable to the Chinatown Ghost Triad. They were producing drugs and illegal alcohol in the shops here. That's why they were trying to prevent Rifa members from entering Chinatown.


The Triads began to realize that they could not gain the upper hand in San Fierro. The Rifa gang was in a very superior position. That's why they set their sights on Los Santos. They slowly started to settle on a street in Los Santos. Meanwhile, they continued to struggle, not wanting to relinquish their hold on Chinatown.


Triads are starting to become more influential in Los Santos. The cops in Los Santos didn't really care about the gangs. Therefore, they could easily sell drugs and alcohol. No matter how valuable Chinatown was, it could no longer do business as much as it used to. The Rifas were starting to get stronger in San Fierro. So the Triads started to be a little more careful.


The Rifas started attacking Chinatown. They themselves did not want the Triads to stop here. They started killing drug dealers. They set fire to the places where they produced alcohol. Triads began to lose their dominance here. After a while, the Triads decided to leave from here and slowly started to go to Los Santos. Because they wanted to maintain their dominance in Chinatown, they started using a building that belonged to them as a meeting place.


The gang remained in Los Santos. Now they started to sell drugs and illegal alcohol not only to Los Santos but to all cities. Meanwhile, they started to fight with other gangs. Their only goal now was to regain their former power as in China. Currently, the gang still lives in Los Santos and fights with other gangs.

alt text

It is a Chinese gang that sells illegal alcohol and drugs all over the city, especially in Los Santos and Chinatown. The gang is also fighting many street gangs. Things like setting fire to the warehouses of hostile gangs, blowing up their cars, preventing drug deliveries are being done.

  • Illegal Alcohol and Drug Production

Drugs and Alcohols are processed in a factory located in Las Venturas. Drugs and alcohol available for sale are sold all over the country. Sold alcohol and drugs, weapons and raw materials are bought. Raw Materials and weapons are stored in a warehouse located in Las Venturas.

  • Fight with street gangs

Ghost Triad is a very aggressive gang so they are tough on everyone. Apart from fighting with other Street gangs, their biggest enemy is the San Fierro Rifa gang. Many lives were lost in the wars with this gang. Rifas and Triads are still fighting, though not as much as before.

  • llegal Alcohol and Drug Sales.

Sales start from the factory located in Las Venturas. Alcohol and drugs bought from the factory are sold all over the country. The families of the arrested drug and alcohol dealers were taken care of, and $3,000 a month was sent to the dealers who remained in the Prison. The gang has drug and alcohol dealers all over the country. In this way, even if the gang earns a lot of money, half of the money is sent to the Families and the sellers in the Prison.

alt text

Drug&Alcohol Factory:
alt text

Ghost Triad Depot:
alt text

ChinaTown Meeting Area:
alt text

Our Base:
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

alt text

  • Try not to get punished and mute.

  • Follow the server rules.

  • Play for fun.

alt text
Recruitment Status : ~[OPEN]~(lime)
High Level of maturity and kindness, doesn't matter how old are you.
No rulebreakers allowed around here.
You need to have at least decent English skills.
Don't copy your application from another applicant, be unique.
Please be patient, your were will be given in shortest time possible, being inpatient will result in denied.
Try to write your own application because our HQ team will know if you copied anything from another applicant.


**Ingame Name & Real Name**:
**Account name**:
**Languages spoken**:
**Rate Your English Level (1-10)**:
**Tell us about yourself**:


**When did you start playing MTA?**:
**How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG?**:
**Previous organizations you've been in and reason why you left them**:
**Previous Punishments**:


**What is your strengths**:
**What is your weaknesses**:
**Write a paragraph explaining our Role**:
**Why do you want to join us**:
**Why should we accept you**:
**Did any GT member suggest that you should apply? Who?**:
**Have you had the chance to hang around with, or play with any GT before applying? If so, who?**:
**Do you wish to share with us any screenshot of you hanging around with us? If so, open a spoiler!**

Note!: Make sure you have filled in every answer to the questions in the application and while filling the application, only the truth should be said.
Copying from another applications will result to a deny.
Giving false answers or lying will sooner or later be found and the consequences will be bad for you.

~[ACCEPTED]~(lime) - If we answer your application with this, that means that we found your application good enough for giving you a chance to join us. But this answer doesn't mean you will get instant invite, you will have to do a talk with HQ member so we can confirm that you didn't copied application or that somebody else wrote it for you. It's a small test with few questions.

~[PENDING]~(orange) - If we answer your application with this, that means your application was kind of good but still you should spent more time with G~T members. Also that doesn't mean only HQ members, feel free to ask any full member for hanging out. After some time, we will decide if you deserve a test and a chance. Test will consider driving, shooting and questions parts. You need to pass all 3 to join us.

~[under-review]~(gray) - We are still not sure about you. Your application was neither good not bad and we will take some time to get an answer for you. Be sure to keep hanging with us for this time. There is no way to get accepted after this only denied or pending.

~[DENIED]~(red) - Your application was bad and you didn't put enough effort in it. You can get permanent denied or just temporary denied. With permanent deny you wont have any chance in joining as and you are blacklisted, don't even try to hang with us. If you get temporary deny, you can still hang with us and maybe apply again after some time.
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