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Weppo's Application for community staff

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Your ingame username: ghostpro222
Your ingame alias: Weppo
Your year of birth: 1999
Your gender: male

Nationality: Dutch
Country of residence: The Netherlands

How long you have been playing SAES: I've played around 2010 till 2013 and then took a long break. I came back at the end of 2020 and have been active since.
Qualities you can offer:
[ I ] One of the qualities I can bring to the team is being an active member of the community who is willing to help people out. In my time here I've spend a lot of time helping people out with game- or rule related issues they had. Which is why I've grown accustomed to most of the rules whether they are officially written or unwritten. And can explain their details and reason on why these rules exists so players can get a better view of why things are the way they are.
[ II ] In the time I've played here since I came back I have gathered a lot of experience on the cop side and with groups. Being amongst the HQ team of FBI and directors of SS has learned me to deal with certain situations better then I was before and also caused me to have a better understanding of how things on SAES are supposed to work. Managing groups and squads is never a job of one person, one of the things I am good at and still improving upon to this day is communicating with other members and leaders. Communication whether or not the subject is a nice or not is always something I try to do. And if something tends to get out of hand I will make sure we don't end things on bad terms. As in the end it's still a videogame were everyone wants to have their fun and enjoyment.
[ III ] Although I can be a bit "strict" on rules, I am fair with executing them, I have never been biased even if it has caused problems. I belief everyone should be dealt with equally. Although rules are there for a reason I also belief accidents happen, which is why I try to communicate with people when I think they did something wrong before making a report. I do belief people should talk more with each other to resolve their indifferences as it will make sure people get a better understanding of how it affects others.

[ IV ] Because of my IRL jobs and hobbies I am a very creative person, I have got experience working in adobe and made a few wraps and textures in my time here. I've also tried to do more things but it's been a learning process thus far. Aside from doing things myself I've also suggested a few things this year. I have always tried not to spend other people their time with things but sometimes they are out of what I can do. This is were again I think my communication skills have gotten me the things I was able to do. Getting the right people with the right skills together has been struggling but very rewarding, it is also the primary reason I wanted to apply for CS, to help not only the people who have helped me, but also help others the same way that SAES/CS members have helped me in the past.

Your weaknesses: I am and always will be honest with people, so I will be open on my own issues.
[ I ] When I have my mind set on something I try my best to make it happen, which can be for better or the worse.
[ II ] I have not played within a gang in the past years and therefore I have not experienced their POV as of late. Even though this can be seen as a negative as a majority of the server is on the criminal side. I will say I have gotten to know a lot of people from gangs which has helped to gain a better understanding of both cop and crim side.

Do you have Discord Installed: yes

Reason for application: I've been active a lot on the server and in the time I spend here I've asked some people to do favours for me or the community in general. I've always tried my best to reduce the amount of effort and time they had to spend. But now I feel like I also wanna give back and help others like those people have helped me. I've always appreciated their time and dedication and now I wanna bring that same dedication to others.

Server Memberships:
President of San Andreas
FBI Headquarter
Secret Service Director
DE Master Sergeant
HLS Intelligence unit
ProCop officer
TMH expert petrolhead

Additional information: I always try to make the best of things with the tools I/we have in the arsenal. I'm a creative person and am always willing to learn and adapt although it can sometimes be hard for me.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: 1 ingame verbal warning a few months ago from element for park arrest. No punishments.
Previous (legitimate) bans: none

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Activity was a tad on the lower side prior to applying but a decent application overall.

Many individuals have raised your attitude sometimes as a cause of concern.

Lets try and fix that by next recruitment please.

Best of luck next time

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