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Sou's Application for Community Staff

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Your ingame username: thedamnboss
Your ingame alias: Sou
Your year of birth: 2002
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Tunisian
Country of residence: Tunisia

How long you have been playing SAES: Since late 2015 but I was not committed to the community until January of 2016.
Qualities you can offer: Over my time in the community, with advice and extensive experience in management, I've gotten used to dealing with significant responsibilities. One of the more relevant aspects of that, is that I've learned to be an effective mediator and resolve arguments with reason and respect towards the parties involved, and I'm grateful to have had people trust me in that regard. I've practically spent the past several years establishing the reputation of a reliable, mature and collected person, and I've continued to uphold it. I've had my slip-ups, sure, but I've always been quick to recover. I am usually never the one to initiate a conversation, but I am a good listener. I'm always willing to hear people out concerning their issues or if it's just casual talk. As far as languages go, I am fluent in English and Arabic, above average in French, and thus able to communicate efficiently with the great majority of the player base.
Your weaknesses: Like most people, I never really take kindly to unnecessary hate or toxicity that gets directed towards me. Although I've learned to overlook most comments, I still tend to agonize over any mistakes I may have made that could lead to said hate. It's likely to affect my ability to think or carry out tasks, but I do make sure to keep it to myself. I can also be a little too skeptical about people or certain things, which stems from some bad personal experiences.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes, I do.

Reason for application: I've evidently been a lot more active on the server since my last application, and I've also gone back to being involved in active gameplay. So I find myself unable, in all conscience, to pull the "give me something to keep me busy" card again as I've got quite a bit on my plate. I've decided to apply because I've long been interested in getting more involved with the clan and the administrative side of the server, and it is essentially the only major next step for me. Besides, I've been running into several situations that I would've otherwise liked to solve on the spot, be it in my capacity as CS or SAHA. If that would also entail formally assisting people and helping make the server an orderly place to play and spend time, all the better.

Server Memberships: SWAT, SAPD Staff, DE, HLS, SAI and SS

Additional information: None

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I can only recall one legitimate adminjail for helping a criminal get away from cops whilst being a cop myself, I'm guessing sometime between 2017 and 2018. Other than that, just the occasional mutes for not speaking English in main chat.
Previous (legitimate) bans: Once in May of 2016 for multiaccounting, and a second time in May of 2017 for suspicion of helping someone evade their ban.

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