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Mr.Minex's Application For Community Staff

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Your ingame username: mubeen
Your ingame alias: [HS]Mr.Minex
Your year of birth: 20th September, 2000
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Pakistani
Country of residence: Pakistan

How long you have been playing SAES: I started playing MTA:SA in 2009 and played DD/DM (Race Gamemodes) for a long time. In August 2021, my friends told me about SAES and I started playing here. Its been roughly 8 months since I am around.

Qualities you can offer:
I am a dedicated person who puts in maximum effort to fulfill the given job. I am well-organized and compassionate about work. As a responsible person I have a good understanding of situations around me. I am not an emotion-driven person. When I am dealing with issues where decision-making is required, I look at every possible aspect to come into best possible conclusion. With my express knowledge, I can help people who are seeking guidance.
I have good communication skills, which means that I can effectively deliver my point in such a way that is easily understood by others. I stand with what I do, I don't make excuses to escape difficult situations rather I face it with honor and dignity.

Your weaknesses:
Curiosity often kills. My biggest weakness is that I am curious about everything. In my whole life, whenever I encountered anything new, I just carry out research on it until I get my required answers. I want to know at least basics of everything that fascinates me. This is the reason I am acquainted with most of the things related to gaming as well as computers.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes, its Mubeen#4521

Reason for application:
I want to apply for this position because I believe that I can offer more to this community than what I am currently offering. I want to assist the people in solving their problems and provide them a guide for getting on right track. During my time in the server, I continuously learned about different functionalities and the way things work and I believe that now I am well aware about almost all of the know-hows. This enables me to provide suitable guidance to those who are in need of it. My main goal is to maintain this community honor and to help people abide by its rules, thus creating a playable and enjoyable environment for everyone.

Server Memberships: Hell Soldiers

Additional information:
My real name is Mubeen Baig and I am currently enrolled in university pursuing computer science. I am a quick learner and that is the reason I have well learned all the spheres of this community within short span of time. Apart from that, I am working part-time as a content writer and a researcher and that is the reason I have wide knowledge over various disciplines.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server:
I believe there are just 2 warnings that were issued to my name. Those were given during my starting months in the server. The warnings were for turf violations, one for deathmatching outside the turf zone and second was for spawning at my own prop after getting killed in turf. Since then, I have always followed server rules strictly and therefore faced no punishments.
I also believe that i was legitimately muted one time for speaking non-English in the chat, I don't recall any other scenarios where I was muted.

Previous (legitimate) bans: None

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