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Government Announcement - New San Andreas Casino!

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Greetings citizens of San Andreas,

The White House office officially announces the first projects released after our long series of funding from the San Andreas Improvement Program (SAIP)

New Casino in north Venturas
After months of being in development, the building and construction team from ZIP have finalised the construction of the Casino north of Las Venturas. This new casino is THE highlight of luxury, leisure, gambling and much more! for ALL citizens across San Andreas!
This 5-star casino not only comes with all luxuries such as hotel bedrooms, it is only 15 minutes away from the airport thanks to it being right of the city highway. Making it one of the best locations for buisnessmen from abroad.

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The casino received a state of the art high security vault were the casino can store millions of dollars. All of this has been provided by ZIP using local manufactures. The vault got delivered with a guarantee it cannot be robbed. Not only this, but the security systems and personnel monitor the casino 24/7, making sure no illegal activities can go unnoticed.

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San Andreas Improvement program
The San Andreas improvement program was set up to fund companies around San Andreas to finalise their idea's around the country. Our main contractor ZIP-Planning-and-Construction quickly took up the role of building this new casino. The construction of the casino was lead by the senator of North Venturas. Who oversaw the whole construction from beginning to end.
(See ZIP's topic about construction, interiors and exteriors here: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/31778/introducing-the-new-last-venturas-casino)


President of San Andreas,
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