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Los Escondidos


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^[ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUltTqf3lgA&ab_channel=Twenta%23]

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Los Escondidos The hidden
This story began long ago in a country of which name must not be disclosed for our safety, the year was 1986 if I remember correctly. Me, Linkan and Sweman used to be part of the mafia, we did all sort of criminal activity, for the money, for the recognition and for the power. The cops were on to us, very close for a very long time. Most heists were successful, we got in, we performed on top, we got out. Except for the last one, the big one. We made one simple mistake that lead the cops to us, and that was the end of it, at least for a while. Most of us were caught, some of us were killed but two of us were to never be seen again? We fled the country

Low end jobs 1988
after a long journey we ended up in South America, where we had to lay low for a long time. We had nothing, no more, everything that used to be our life and part of our life was seized by the Police. We quickly realized that without money we would not survive, we looked for low end jobs for people who did not speak the language, some paid better than others, we made just enough to go around, barley. We did this for many many years, we met a lot of people but couldnt tell anyone who we really were.

Stay hidden 1989
Until the day we met the man who got us into San Andreas using assumed identities. And here we are, the two who were never to be seen again, laying low, not making much noise. Still wanted in another part of the world, where we will probably never set foot again, we do what we need to stay hidden. To stay together.

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Who are we?
Well. We are Los Escondidos, a hidden Mafia gang, we work behind the public so no one can track our footsteps down. We do own and run a terminal hub down at the docks in LS at our base to hide all our weapons/ammo crates at, we do anything which we can earn cash on.

However, were a newly started gang who have just got our ground, weve acquired a base and a few members, some ideas and something new. I see this gang as a project and our biggest milestone is to bring something new to the gang community and the peoples.

Gang motto: Never disclose your true identity
Gang level: 0
Founders: @Linkan @SWEMAN
HQ team: @SWEMAN @Linkan @Mrwan
Gang color code: #D4BDA5
Gang color RGB: 212 189 165
Gangvalue: 150.000.000
Gang tag: LE>Sweman / LE*>Linkan
Date of creation: 2022-03-09
Date of founded: 2019-09-11
Discord: Press Here
Media Archive: Press Here

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Los Escondidos headquarter
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Los Jefe [Level 6 & 7: Leaders / Founders]

  • :sweden: ~[ @SWEMAN ]~(green)

  • :sweden: ~[ @Linkan]~(green)

Los Reales[Level 5 HQ Team]

  • :egypt: ~[ @Mrwan ]~(green)

El Veterano [Level 4 - Loyal Legendary members/retired HQ members]

  • :united_states: ~[ @bigmike ]~(green)

  • :netherlands: ~[ @Jasper]~(orange)

  • :sweden: ~[ @NoFear ]~(green)

Los Soldados [Level 1 - 3 - Members]

  • :greece: ~[ @Skinner ]~(green)

  • :united_states: ~[ @Jengus ]~(green)

  • :tunisia: ~[ @Jagwar ]~(orange)

  • :russia: ~[ @Lekss ]~(green)

  • :bulgaria: ~[ @Capital ]~(green)

  • :moldova: ~[ @Kree ]~(green)

  • :sweden: ~[ @Zirka ]~(green)

  • :tunisia: ~[ @Laggiaze ]~(green)

  • :tunisia: ~[ @RedStar ]~(orange)

  • :ukraine: ~[ @QieZZ ]~(green)

  • :indonesia: ~[ @Fall-en ]~(green)

Los perodos de prueba [Level 0 - New members]

Total member count: 17

alt text

  • Respect the server rules and everyone in the game.

  • Do not take any discussions in the main chat.

  • Do not kill other members who are AFK or those who dont want to.

  • Do not ask for promotion.

  • Remember to have fun

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Please check out our Media Archive if you want to see some dope ass pictures of us, You can find it Here

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alt text

alt text
Our recruitment is invite only. To be able to join us you will need to show yourself to our members ingame and open a ticket at our discord, and our recruitment process will begin. There are some requirements you will need to pass as well in order to join, You can find them on bellow if you have any other questions about our recruitment process or anything else. Please ask those in your ticket and we will more than lovely answer. After you made a Ticket you will be under investigation by our members. After some time if we think you are worthy you will be interviewed in your ticket by the HQ Team. If you pass the interview you will be invited to the gang. Good Luck


  • Maturity

  • Team spirit (We are a family in LE not random players)

  • a decent English

  • You need to be atleast 16yo in order to join

  • Patience is the key, asking for your interview or how your recruitment process goes will get you denied

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