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White House - Emergency announcement


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The White House press office regrets to inform you that Mr. Benecroft Haveland from the Department of Defence passed away last week. The funeral was held in private with his family and friends.

A thorough investigation lead by Secret Service into the matter followed by a detailed autopsy revealed the situation to be an assassination.
Further investigation into the matter concluded that this was a deliberate assassination from the @Cuban-Liberation-Organisation.

The government hereby concluded that the country will go on DEFCON (terrorism threat level) 1: ~[Critical]~(red)
Due to this serious threat to the safety of San Andreas there is an increased payment for arresting these terrorists. (25 to 75%)

We ask our citizens to remain calm in these difficult times, if you encounter one of these individuals please call local authorities (/999 p).

We like to thank you for your attention.

White House press office,

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