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Fortaleza Street - Level 1 Application


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^[~[S]~(#4f3b61)ome neither want to be a criminal nor do they choose to be; we thought this was the case for us but it wasn't.]

^[It all started in Brazil on the crime-ridden streets of Fortaleza; the smashing of windows, the footfall of running felons, the battering of boys. Marcos, who was the youngest within his family, did not take a liking to this kind of living. He knew the dangers of the dark streets of Fortaleza and he was well aware of the need to protect himself from the dangers of this town from time to time. He took lessons from a former boxer at the wish of his family, allowing him to learn the necessary techniques to protect himself; he assumed this was enough.]

^[As the sun simmered down in the summer evening, Marcos was demonstrating his boxing prowess to his father in the backyard. Yet, the sudden bellowing of voices from the door of the house broke up this serene atmosphere as two men breached through its opening. Seeing that one of these boasted a screwdriver, Marcos attempted to protect his family with the very skills he had shown to his father; yet, his attempt was futile. The stranger drove the screwdriver into his father, and a gut-wrenching scream echoed around the town. Fending off the two thugs, Marcos ran to tender to his father's injuries, finding that his father was no longer alive. This agonizing death sent Marcos into a fury, a fury and a need to discover the truth around his father's murder. Knowing that he'd need the necessary finances to chase down these men, who'd presumably fled the town, Marcos exploited his fighting aptitude at the fight club to garner profits through gambling on himself. Round after round, fight after fight, the money racked up for him. Knowing however that his profits would never be enough, he sought to set up the biggest boxing event in the history of his neighbourhood. Fighters flocked from every corner of his town, attracted by the blinding winner's prize; Marcos however wasn't too interested in the prize, and more the reputation it could provide him to assist with his act of vengeance. A boxer named Luis, who derived from a small shanty town in Mexico himself, came to his attention as an eager fighter. The pair had led similar livelihoods and held similar bonds through the loss of their fathers.]

^[As his tournament ensued, Marcos garnered large profits from his fighting, his biggest profit being the sea of support from people around his town. His network of friends and family allowed him to connect and upgrade his fighting facilities to the most distinguished of venues within Fortaleza, organising illegal street fights and extorting gangs who threatened their turf. From holding influential people for ransom, to organising further illegal clashes, it was fair to say that Marcos ran the streets; yet his mind and his heart was only set on one thing - his father.]

^[A few months down the line, it had come to Marcos' attention that the goons who killed his father were recruited by a man from the city of Los Santos to enact a similar fate on another person in the local area. Despite the difficulty of getting to this city, Marcos set out with his trusted Luis in the hopes of enacting justice for not only their families but the family he had grown through his illegal street fights. Los Santos however was nothing like Fortaleza. This big, bustling city was not welcome to his kind, nor was it safe for them. In order to maintain a supply of finance, Marcos took to growing and distributing weed around the city. Meeting a man called Cristian, a well-connected dealer, they worked alongside him to improve and keep a steady influx of cash while also seeking out the business that had brought them to this very town; the murderer of their fathers. One night, as the personalities of Los Santos partied away, Marcos hopped the fence to the man's property and subdued the man, dragging him to the side of his house and plunging a screwdriver into his ribcage. Despite the unwelcoming aura of this town, and the fact they had gotten all they had come for, Marcos had grown accustomed to this very city and the opportunities it could provide. He settled down with Luis, garnering profits from his illegal fighting alongside his weed profiteering, in which they'd even began to sell to some of the most influential in this very city. The pair had started a new life in this place, yet in Los Santos, they'd either be seen in the champions league or be lost to the streets.]

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~[T]~(#4f3b61)he streets were how we learnt to survive, but everyone has to make a living somehow, right? We earn money a little differently from most though...

Firstly, we organise many illegal Street fights. Sports is one of the most beloved past times of people all over the world, especially blood sports.
From Gladiators in Roman times, to modern day boxers - there's always a way to make an income. Betting, entrance fees and the goods we sell to the audience provide a large sum of money from each match.

Secondly, we distribute Cannabis, there's a huge market for it in Brazil and Los Santos. Many people's addiction to Cannabis has brought us a steady, but consistent income over the years.
Customers are easy to find: at the street fights, neighbourhoods and even businessmen.
Unfortunately, Cannabis is expensive to grow and maintain, we have to grow a lot over a large area to make it worthwhile.

Thirdly, we offer personal training - like a gym trainer but for criminals. We teach a man how to protect his turf, and his family.
Even professionals will occasionally come to us due to our expert knowledge in street fighting.

Finally, we offer personal protection contracts. As long as an individual has the means to pay, we will supply them with bodyguards. Firearms and other large weaponry attracts unwanted attention, which is why fists and small blades are the first choice for our bodyguards - with firearms being a last resort.

This diversity of our services has allowed us to become incredibly powerful, and wealthy.

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~[G]~(#4f3b61)ang Name: Fortaleza Street
~[D]~(#4f3b61)ate of Creation: 14.01.2022
~[F]~(#4f3b61)ounders: Brondy & Ban
~[G]~(#4f3b61)ang Level: 0
~[G]~(#4f3b61)ang Tags: FS|
~[G]~(#4f3b61)ang Value: ~[$]~(green)200.000.000+
~[G]~(#4f3b61)ang Motto: Learn to fight, not to flail
~[C]~(#4f3b61)olour Code: ~[#4f3b61]~(#4f3b61)

~[M]~(#4f3b61)edia Archive: Click here
~[R]~(#4f3b61)oleplay Archive: Click here
~[D]~(#4f3b61)iscord Server: Click here
~[M]~(#4f3b61)ain Topic: Click here

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^[ Leader [Level 8] ]


^[ Vice Leader [Level 7] ]


^[ Head Quarter [Level 6] ]


^[ Respected [Level 5] ]


^[ Personal Trainer [Level 4] ]


^[ Professional Fighter [Level 3] ]


^[ Street Fighter [Level 2] ]


^[ Amateur Fighter [Level 1] ]


^[ Rookie [Level 0] ]


^[Total Members: 20]

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^[Fortaleza Street Base]

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^[Hidden Fighting Arena]

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^[Meeting Place]

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^[Application Format]

In-game Name:
Account Name:
How long have you been playing on the server:
Have you ever been banned from SAES (if yes, please explain):
Previous organizations and leaving reasons:
Do you have discord? If you do, what is your discord name and ID?:

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