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South Side Blazers Level 1 Application


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South Side Blazers began in 1992 as a porn production company when 2 with the same passion about nudity and sexuality met, their names were Slaine and Boston. Through time and sweaty balls, they managed to lift the company up to the highest in the porn industry.

But all that changed on a windy day of August 1995, when both of them met a 16 year old girl that wanted to participate in a porn shoot. The market was big at the time, and the pedos were no joke, they would have paid a lot of money for a pedophilic film. Little did they know that the girl was a set up by Chris Hansen, and the 2 of them, as well as the cast involved: Mellow, Omar, bobo, and some others, have been convicted of child pornography and sent to prison. Shortly after, the company plummed into the ground.

Years later, while some of them like Boston and Omar have been sent to different prisons and lost contact, Slaine and a fellow cast members Mellow and bobo met in prison a romanian thief named blizzard, aswell as 2 portuguese rapists by the names of Rykila and Rivals, an estonian convicted of drug trade by the name of Vadim, and a slovenian war criminal named Captain Marcel "Marso" Zakovski. And just as it happens in those weird porn plots, a great friendship struck.

After getting out of jail, with a future destroyed and nothing left, they have decided to pay back their revenge towards the species that ruined their lives, women. They have kidnapped a random girl, and forced her to prostitute on the dark streets of Los Santos. That was just a shadow of what the "South Side Blazers" was to turn itself into, from a mere porn company up into the human trafficking trade.

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South Side Blazers is a criminal organization that is heavily involved into prostitution, human trafficking, illegal pornography, and drugs to a certain degree. We take our girls to rich customers, people who sell their life savings to afford taking off their virginity, and parties that usually are hosted by known criminal organizations, where we also happily offer to provide some illegal substances, if it is requested.

Most of our girls are shipped off from countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Sudan, Sierra Leone, where the poverty is just too much for their families to bear, and sell their daughters to us, or where prostitution is rampant. Or, there is also the chance that some random girl can fall in love to one of our loverboys, who will happily trick her into coming abroad.

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Full Name: South Side Blazers
Tags: SSB|
Panel Creation Date: 4/01/2022 (4th of January 2022)
Founders: Slaine, Boston
Leader: blizzard
Vice Leader: mellow
Color Code: ~[#E71B1B]~(#E71B1B)
Gang Level: 0
Gang Money: ~[$60.000.000]~(118C4F )
Motto: "Everything has a price, even your sister"
Discord: ~[Click Here]~(#E71B1B)
Media Archive: ~[Click Here]~(#E71B1B)

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The Boss (8)
~[The man in charge of the organization. Runs all the operations across the state through his subordinates.]~(#808080)

:romania: blizzard ~[(dopeblizz)]~(#808080)

The Underboss (7)
~[Leader's right hand man. Represents his interests in person and attends in his place wherever it is needed.]~(#808080)

:netherlands: mellow ~[(koenmeby)]~(#808080)

King Pimps (6)
~[Highest ranked mobsters. Each King Pimp is in charge of a region or city.]~(#808080)

:estonia: Vadim ~[(thattug)]~(#808080)
:portugal: rykila ~[(rycas)]~(#808080)
:portugal: rivals ~[(nobita354)]~(#808080)
:slovenia: Marso ~[(marso)]~(#808080)
:netherlands: Twenta (~[tristan012)]~(#808080)

Barons (5)
~[Mob's finest. Most of them are either heavily respected or retired top dogs.]~(#808080)

:scotland: Slaine ~[(slaine97)]~(#808080)
:bulgaria: bobo ~[(ganev69)]~(#808080)
:israel: Rake ~[(ryn0r)]~(#808080)

Enforcers (4)
~[The heavy muscle and the hitmen. Usually they can be seen around the Barons and King Pimps, guarding them, when they are not sent in to lynch someone.]~(#808080)

:saudi_arabia: Nishki ~[(bluelive122)]~(#808080)

Racketeers (3)
~[Lead a city's district. They take orders from the King Pimps through the Enforcers. They are also in charge of the human trafficking imports that come from other countries.]~(#808080)

:estonia: Icecold ~[(kaseke123)]~(#808080)
:estonia: Markus ~[(kalevipoeg)]~(#808080)

Street Sharks (2)
~[As the name implies, are in charge of the hoods of a city. They command the Henchmen and the Loverboys and take direct orders from the Racketeers.]~(#808080)

:finland: T0NZ ~[(tonzza13)]~(#808080)

Henchmen (1)
~[The muscle of the organization. They are usually sent in to tackle any violent problem.]~(#808080)

:saudi_arabia: Tenorashi ~[(tenorashi)]~(#808080)
:united_kingdom: amora ~[(quasimodo)]~(#808080)
:netherlands: Haas ~[(kaaskoekjes)]~(#808080)
:netherlands: Duivel90 ~[(duivel90)]~(#808080)
:portugal: Pozzo ~[(pozzokiller)]~(#808080)
:tunisia: Note ~[(kafon)]~(#808080)
:netherlands: Lincoln ~[(abdivdbf)]~(#808080)

Loverboys (0)
~[Lowest ranked members, their job is to lure in girls into the prostitution business.]~(#808080)

alt text

1.Respect F1

2.Respect your gang mates and others

3.Have fun

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Real Name:
In-Game Name:
Account Name:
Spoken Languages:

Previous gangs/squads and leaving reasons:
Tell us about yourself and why do you want to join:
Your favourite porn website, category and actress:

Do you watch anime?

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