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Liberty's SAM application

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  • Section A: Personal Information:

Nickname: Liberty

Account name: Mag1kS

Age: 18

Country of residence Tunisia

Primary Language: Arabic

Since when have you been playing on SAES:RPG: Since 2015 i quit then i re-joined 1 years, 7 months, 24 days ago

Current S/G/C and rank: Hell Soliders-Foot Solider

Other RP groups you're in: SaS/Cunning Stunts

Past groups you were involved in (Include reason for departure): G6 : closed

Mention (with reason) about any past punishments you have received: 1 adminjail when i got less than 20 hours played and 1 (about 2 month ago) for Deathmatching (by accident)

^[alt text]

  • Section B: General Questionnaire:

Describe SAM in your own words: (Not less than 30 words) SAM is an rp group based on healing and helping other players

What is the SAM motto? Always there when you need us the most!

Who founded SAM? Joe and Daryl

Who is the current leader and vice leader? JohnnyEnglish/Griffin

For how long have you been playing as a paramedic on the server?: Since i joined SAES i always spawn paramedic to help other players

Mention one rule that applies to the "Paramedic" spawn: Not allowed to spawn paramedic to help in turfs and your gang bankrob

Mention one rule that applies to SAM Paramedic: SAM not allowed to enter sr's zone

Can you ensure us certified periodic activity ?: Yes.

^[alt text]

  • Section C : Aptitudes:

1. How would you respond to criticism by a superior? I try to understand what i did and respect the HQ and try to fix the problem

2. Why exactly are you applying today? Well i like helping otherplayer and doing roleplays so i decided to join SAM

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Sometimes im too cool that i provoke some players

4. Why should we accept you to our team? Im active player and i believe i can help the group in too many things

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alt text
Roleplay #1
Participants: @Liberty @chaplin @fandi
Description:We have received a 911 call from a civilian about an unconscious male at Los Santos, Idlewood Pizza Stacks, we responded immediatly, upon arrival, we have found a 34 years old male laying down on the floor, two paramedics went out of the ambulance, wearing their masks and gloves. We've checked his pulse, and breathing, applied a BVM, the man restored his consciousness, we transported him to the hospital and received the necessary treatments.
[s=]alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text[/s]

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