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Fire Departament Appliacation CaPu [DENIED]


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Section 1 - Non-RP Information

Nickname: CaPu
Username: pocoloco
Old nickname/Other nicknames used in-game: N/A
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Current Gang/Squad: Los Lunas
Previous Gangs/Squads (List the reasons, why you left or got kicked out): I was MMC but left to create BloodZ with 2 other players i had the HQ role there, after the BloodZ closed i went to Lunas beacouse it was our ally at the time
How long have you been a member of your current Gang/Squad and what is your current rank? Around 2 months and i have the Shq

Current groups: I am part of SAM
Previous groups (List the reasons, why you left or got kicked out): N/A
Previous SAES ban(s)/kick(s)/punishment(s) and why did you receive them: N/A
Tell us something about yourself:
Well I am CaPu, I am 19 years old, I am convinced and don't know the impossible, and I am a very ambitious person who have many stuffs and goals to do and I like to prove my personality always and in any situation and not greedy one and suffice with what exists to me also I have a wish also I love to try new and different things and includes experiments such like a jumping from high areas and that's just a look about my self.

Section 2 - Questions

Do you understand that you will be given a couple of firefighting lessons/instructions before joining Fire Department?

sure I did

What is your goal within the Fire Department?
Well my goal is Keeping others living without fear and damage also the most important I will attempts and strenuous effort on control about fires and be special saver one who can helps anyone who's in impasse and takes a good grade from that Job also I wants to make SAFD more activity and actions like's the old days and more RP's etc..

Are you ready to be active daily and post activities in the media archive regularly?

Section 3 - Detailed Profile

What are your strengths?
I always help people when they need. I also love having fun and joking around with people without disrespecting them. As usual, respect everyone. I've not a bad reputationbecause I am well-behaved.

What are your weaknesses?
My one and only weakness is that sometimes I'm too soft on other people and those other people get the better of me. I have been working on it and I would say that I have been improving significantly.

Why do you want to join the SAFD?
Bcause I have to gain new and exciting skill in SAFD that's helps the others peoples, and it is an enjoyable Profession and at the same time, it is stressful and sometimes its may be dangerous at the firefighter so that's is the Main reason why I am interested to be member of SAFD and I am always wanted to be in but the time seems came out to be member of SAFD

What specialization would you like to learn within the Fire Department?
How to treat with people in a time of trouble also the high precision on the situation and bear the difficult decision and gets more self confidence.

Applicant's signature: CaPu
Date: 29/11/2021

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