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[QoL] Weapon switching bind



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Add a simple command handler to allow players to create their own weapon switching bindings to make Q/E and scrolling through the weapon list a thing of the past.

When I tried out playing as a police officer, I noticed that it's pretty painful to switch to a specific weapon unlike in other games where you can create your own keyboard bindings.

The little code snippet below makes it possible.

Lua implementation code

function (_, slot)
slot = tonumber(slot)

if slot ~= nil and slot >= 0 and slot <= 12 then
setPedWeaponSlot(localPlayer, slot)

Player binding examples
These bindings would bind meele to 1, pistol to 2 and rifle to 3.

bind 1 weaponslot 1
bind 2 weaponslot 2
bind 3 weaponslot 5

You can look up the weapon slots here: setPedWeaponSlot

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