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SAFP || Application format and how to apply


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Dear all SAFP Applicants,

You can now apply to join us via our discord.

There are some steps you need to follow while making your application.


Join our discord server.


Search for the 'apply-here' channel, then open a ticket.


Fill out the application format and send it to the channel that opened up.

Application format can be found here, or just open the spoiler.


  • Real name:

  • In-Game name:

  • Username:

  • Age:

  • Primary language:

  • Other spoken languages, if any:

  • What is your Discord name?

  • How well do you speak English (?/10)?


  • How long have you been playing MTA?

  • How long have you been playing SAES?

  • Are you a PC member (ProCop)?

  • Have you been part of other organizations? State if left or kicked and why: (list them)

  • Are you currently or have been part of any groups? State if left or kicked and why: (list them)

  • Have you ever received punishment from SAES staff before? If so, when and why? (list them with details)


  • Have you read and agreed with all server rules (located by pressing F1 in-game)?

  • Have you read and agreed with all SAFP rules?

  • Do you understand that breaking the rules excessively may result in your dismissal?


  • Why would you like to join us? (use at least 20 words)

  • Why should SAFP accept you? (use at least 20 words)

  • Has anyone recommended you to join? If so, who?

  • Do you have friends or acquaintances in SAFP? If so, who?

"I, [in-game name], solemnly swear that all of the questions above were answered with honesty and the complete truth by myself, and I agree that, if at any time in the future any of it is found not to be true, I shall be discharged from my duty as a Peace Officer, had I already passed the training exams, or have my application denied."[/s]

When filling your application, make sure to follow the format accurately. Make sure to consider the folowing:

  • Bolden all questions asked.

  • Make sure your sections are clearly labelled and indicated on your application.

  • Make your application as neat and as presentable as possible


Wait for your answer patiently.

Don't leave our discord server, this would be equal of a denial of your application.

We wish you the best of luck!

~[SAFP HQ Team]~(navy)

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