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Blackwell - Intelligence

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It starts off in the year 2000 where two troubled young men wanted to make something of themselves. Robert Black & Benedict Caldwell ages 22 and 24. Ultimately had nowhere to turn to and they were out on their own struggling. Couldnt get into any college, Wasnt right for the Military and no job in their right mind would hire them. One day on the street they saw an advertisement for the San Andreas Police Academy. They both laughed at it at first saying (Yea right, who wants to be a damn pig). So they continued on with their life. Days went by and Robert began to ponder the possibility of it. They both were very street smart, didnt do too bad in school. They knew the ends and outs of the city as they used to roam for countless hours. So Robert brought it up again... He said maybe, just maybe we give this a try man? what could it hurt... So they did it, they signed up for the academy beyond belief they both absolutely soared at every aspect in the course Rob & Benedict ended up graduating at the top of their class from the academy. They now had the lay of the land and respect to go with it.

They worked on the beat for a couple of years to make ends meet. They still somehow felt that something was missing from their lives, that they had lost connections with their roots. Nonetheless, they continued on their journey. A year goes by Rob and Benedict are official partners now in the LSPD when one day they pull up on a scene together, there was one older cop already on the scene but something shady was going on. Why is there one cop over there dealing with a multitude of known gang members with no backup? Why was there no radio chatter? Rob and Hen slowly pulled over and they snuck onto the scene without anyone seeing. Thinking that the other cop maybe needed help so they went as close and as stealthy as they could. You won't believe what they heard

Cop: I made the way for you guys! You failed me! Now I have to start over again, this is why I dont take new clients.

Criminal: Look sir, Its not as easy for us as it is for you. We have eyes on us 24/7. You however walk around here like you own the place you're even running for a government position. How on earth are we supposed to make those moves with that short amount of time!

Cop: You figure it out dammit! If I don't have my Shipment or money come tomorrow ill have a jail cell with each of you name on it! The cop slowly walks away.

Meanwhile, Rob and Hen are in disbelief. A dirty cop! We can't let this go on any longer!
They tailed the cop and cornered him at a local rest stop. Grabbed him and brought him back to the car. You're under arrest, they said. The cop laughed and said:

Fine, here are two options for you boys...
1. You can turn me in and be looked down on for betraying your own man.
2. You can let me go and ill take you under my wing.

They replied: Why would we ever wanna be under your wing?
Cop: How would you like to be decorated cops? Maybe have a future in politics? Make your own rules? And on top of it all make 20x the money you've ever seen in your life. I can teach you. Im too old but you boys have your whole future ahead of you. Don't let the system determine your success. What do you say, are you in? Absolutely!
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They learned about the operations, the criminal underground, they learned how to finesse people and get things that they wanted. But the boys didn't just wanna be dirty cops. They had drive and the determination to be much much more and more is what they become. A couple of years go by and the older cop dies. After he died they began to search his belongings as they had suspensions. We knew not to do anything that could connect us to him to keep our names clear. They became so successful that they ended up leaving the badge behind. Robert had the idea to start his once security firm. Meanwhile, Benedict had been named Senator. Still, close friends and business partners, they decided on what their next move would be. Both Decorated ex Cops with the knowledge of the street up till the top government branches Robert Black & Benedict Caldwell decided to combine strengths and knowledge and create what is known now as Black Well Intelligence, the basis of the organization is to keep track of all activities involving the Law Enforcement, Court, Politics, and the criminal underworld. Our agents of Blackwell all play a pivotal part of how we operate. We have agents playing parts in the FBI or even NSA in some cases. It's our main focus to keep running things smoothly and between the line. Its our primary income besides drugs and weapons. Our success is known vastly around the map attracting numerous new agents from law enforcement and other Professionals in our field.
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-=(004791)OUR INFORMATION:=-

  • -=(004791)Group Name:=- Blackwell - Intelligence

  • -=(004791)Group Tags:=- [BWI]Name|Rank

  • -=(004791)Founders:=- Classified

  • -=(004791)Motto=- The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.

  • -=(004791)Color Code:=- #004791

  • -=(004791)Media Archive:=- https://saesrpg.uk/topic/28597/blackwell-intelligence-media-archive

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Our main role is focusing on covert government affairs, we are educated in the political and law enforcement ring. We must remain in positions of power in every aspect to secure our success. We make sure to push the right policies, we must ensure that the right people stay in the right positions so that our underground operations stay in place. For our safety and the safety of our clients and clientele.

Our second role is proper policing of San Andreas, It is not only crucial but essential to keep this operation afloat. We keep the scum off the streets the scums being useless criminals that don't abide or proceed with our operations. Competitions are not an option and any criminal or gang member that gets in the way of profits has a jail cell with their names on it.

The BWI is in charge of collecting intelligence on existing and potential threats from internal and external sources posed against the territory, people and integrity, the existence, independence, security, and all the other elements that compose the constitutional order.
The BWI is in charge of counterintelligence activities in San Andreas. Legally, it cannot be given any other duty and cannot be led to any other field of activity than collecting intelligence concerning the security of the SA.

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Fill the format given below to be considered as an applicant.
Make sure your application contains true and complete answers to be considered.
Join our Discord to stay tuned about all updates and announcements of BWI: https://discord.gg/6xAdyQ7SEs

# **1. General Questions**
**Ingame name:**
**Country of Residence and Nationality:**
**Current organization memberships:**
**Explain the role of Blackwell INT in your own words:**
# **2. Roleplay Questions**
**You see a group of cops trying to argue and maybe arrest one of our associates outside of the agency. You dont wanna be against the police but you dont want our associates in jail. What do you do in one paragraph no less:**

**You got busted as an agent or a cop talking lightly with a known wanted criminal. The cop wants to turn you in for not arresting the guy. How do you talk your way out of it:**

**If Im accepted I vow to contribute in a professional and comprehensive manner, to act with maturity, honor, and dignity. I will follow the rules of our group and the rules of our server.**

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^[Reggi (xr3gg1x)]
^[Blue (blue35)]

^[-=(004791)Deputy Director=-]
^[Strong (mas3ouda)]
^[Nico (diefish)]
^[-=(004791)Supervisory Special Agent (SSA)=-]
^[Fyrr (fyrr73)]

^[-=(004791)Special Advisory Agent (SAA)=-]
^[Hesha (hi5ha)]
^[Adistar (99mason99)]

^[-=(004791)Chief Special Agent (CSA)=-]

^[-=(004791)Special Agent in-Charge (SAC)=-]

^[-=(004791)New Agent Trainee (NAT)=-]
^[Sou (thedamnboss)]
^[Mystic (bonobos19)]
^[Teddy (officerraven)]
^[Filex (n/a)]

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