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The Black Disciples


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San Fierro, Hasselhoff Street - A group of young black teenagers named Storm, Santos, and a few others were hanging around at the streets. They always used to be bullied in school and robbed when they were on the streets. They felt like they had to be the one in charge. All teenagers agreed and they started creating the gang that is now called The Black Disciples. You may ask? How did they come up with this name? After the teenagers agreed about founding the gang they decided to look through the bible for a word to fit their preset The Black. Upon scrolling through the bible they found the word Disciple which means Devils. They sacrificed their lives by gangbanging on the streets to rule in the name of god.


As the years went from 1984 to 1990, they became very powerful in south San Fierro as white flight ran its course and more black gang related people moved to the city. The Black Diciples saw this as a perfect opportunity to recruit new members to the gang. By 1994 the gang grow so big they started a war against the chinese mafia gangs. After an entire year of fighting they had won the war taking over most of central San Fierro.


For the past few years The Black Disciples turned lots of smaller gangs among them. Creating an alliance called The Rangers. This went all good until 1999. A small gang named The Greased Devils started recruiting aggressively. This forced The Black Disciples to send a warning over to the gang. After a few weeks they still didnt lower the amount of recruits per day. The Black Disciples decided to make a unity of all the smaller gangs to take down and ended up badly. The Greased Devils fought back hard, so hard that one of the founders of The Black Disciples got kidnapped. After 1 weeks of threatening each other Santos got freed by Storm by bribing The Greased Devils.


6 years had passed and the gang developed all types of crimes. From Drugs Trafficking and Car Jacking to Homicide. They also committed some smaller crimes like Pickpocketing but those didnt really cause any havoc. After storing almost more than 40 Kilograms of cocaine and speed in their small warehouse (behind the store they own to cover the strange trucks driving in and out) the gang got caught by the Federal Government. Sending their leaders and 90% of the members to jail in Los Santos.


After planning a huge escape plan which could get The Black Disciples out of prison they all almost managed to escape. A few got caught by the prison wardens. After 8 years of laying low from the Government they finally got back into their gang activities and started growing bigger and bigger. And here we are at the existence of THE BLACK DICIPLES!

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Founder: @TripleX

Honorary: @rykila

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Gang level: 0

Gang members: 8

Date of creation: 03/08/2021

Founders: TripleX

Gang Motto: Purity in Our God's soul, Purity is our Drugs. The Black Disciples

Gang Tag: [TBD]/[TBD*]

Gang Value: 50.000.000

Our color code: #A06EE0

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1/Don't spam the Clan Chat.

2/Leaking information from our gang will get you KICKED.

3/Respect every single saes rule! we won't forgive any mistake. (f1 rules)
Always stay updated with the server rules!

4/Once you spawn as any other class, whatever it is change your nickname.

5/During rp's use your rp nick. (It depends on your rank, pm any HQ)

6/Avoid getting involved in fights in global chat. We expect maturity.
Stay respectful towards everyone on the server. Even though you got in a fight with that person.

7/All decisions made by HQs or higher ranks are pernament and cannot be turned around.

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The Black Disciples current diplomacy:

Allies: None

Friends: None

Enemies: None
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Ingame nickname:
Date of birth:
Define TBD rp role in your own words:
Why are you willing to join our family:
Why we should accept you:
Any TBD suggested you to apply:
Anything else to add:

Join us!:https://discord.gg/7yaNJxRm
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